5 phrases to remember during a crisis

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1. This too shall pass –

Thought to have originated from the great Sufi poets, this phrase is a wonderful thing to remind ourselves of when dealing with stress. Buddhism teaches us that there is nothing permanent; change is unavoidable and everything is always in a state of constant flux. Reflecting on and accepting this truth makes it easier to cope with the onset of difficult times and the departure of good times.

2. What’s the worst that could happen? 

Quite often it’s the fears that lie just beneath the surface that cause us so much concern. We avoid shining a light on them but once we do, we see that the worst-case-scenario isn’t as bad as we might have first thought. We realise that we’re strong enough to handle it.

3. Flexibility is the key 

Dr Wayne Dyer explains living flexibly by saying: “Look for times you can make the choice to weather a storm by allowing it to blow through you without resistance. By not fighting, but instead relaxing and going with all that confronts you, you enter ‘the Tao time.'” As soon as you let go of the stress, the worry, the need to fight and strive for everything, life flows freely, things become easy and everything you need starts to come your way.

4. Everything happens for a reason

There are so many examples that I could give where I’ve been through overwhelming and painful situations. However, looking back it’s clear that however difficult they felt at the time, these events were often my greatest teachers. Bearing this in mind helps remind us that even if something bad happens, something good will come of it.

5. What are we here for? 

Sometimes it really helps to look at the bigger picture and put things in perspective. Ask yourself: ‘What am I here for?’ If you think the answer is to work yourself up into a constant state of worry, think again. What is the payoff for all our stress and strife? Why do we concern ourselves so much with the things we cannot change? Let go of ambitions, desires, the need to seek love and approval from others and learn to trust in yourself instead. Doing this will help you to ‘not sweat the small stuff’.

By Emma Letessier

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IVORY Magazine5 phrases to remember during a crisis

5 Comments on “5 phrases to remember during a crisis”

  1. Rod Gomes

    Hi Emma,

    I’m writing this comment with a smile on my face. :-)

    “This too shall pass” is the title of a blog post I wrote today. It’s amazing how everything comes together.

    Thank you for sharing these powerful words with us.

    1. Emma Letessier

      Hi Rod,

      Sorry, I’ve only just seen your comment!

      How interesting that you also felt prompted to write on the same topic. These synchronicities are just the universe’s way of telling us we’re going in the right direction!

      Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment.

      With love,

      Emma xx

  2. Marsha

    An excellent shorthand guide to challenging situations. I’ve found my own biggest learning curve in times of crisis is knowing when to take care of others and when to take care of myself. I will pass this post on to others. Found you on Twitter. Thank you.

  3. Steven J

    Great tips to live by. I just lost my dad last month. He would have been 91 on May 2. But using these types of tools,thoughts and perspective has helped me immensely. These are powerful secrets that can help most of us. Thanks for the reminder.

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