10 tips for using photography as therapy

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I have just now stepped out of my comfort zone and started as a professional photographer. Making that step has made me realise how much it has supported my wellbeing, providing a focus for me through my most difficult times. This article is not meant as a technical article on advanced camera settings and techniques; moreover it is meant as … Read More

IVORY Magazine10 tips for using photography as therapy

Natural products to help ease anxiety

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First thing in the morning – Positivitea does just what it says on the tin. It brings you up and keeps you feeling happy throughout the day. Their teabags are all ethically sourced and contain only natural ingredients, ranging from marshmallow leaves, to Ajwain seeds to chilli. They’re a delicious alternative to coffee in the morning if you’re someone whose anxiety is sparked by … Read More

IVORY MagazineNatural products to help ease anxiety

5 phrases to remember during a crisis

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1. This too shall pass – Thought to have originated from the great Sufi poets, this phrase is a wonderful thing to remind ourselves of when dealing with stress. Buddhism teaches us that there is nothing permanent; change is unavoidable and everything is always in a state of constant flux. Reflecting on and accepting this truth makes it easier to … Read More

IVORY Magazine5 phrases to remember during a crisis

Mental health in universities

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Over 80% of students have had a mental health problem over the last year. Whether that’s due to exam stress, previous conditions, or other, new factors, the number is far too big to ignore. But what’s the reason behind this, and what are universities doing to challenge it? London School of Economics (LSE) has recently come under fire for their approach to a student … Read More

IVORY MagazineMental health in universities

The hidden face of male depression

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The number of men taking their own lives has been steadily increasing since 2001 and is currently the highest it has ever been. Suicide is now the U.K’s leading cause of death in men under 50. The figures are alarming and yet only 25% of the people currently seeking help for depression in the U.K are men. According to the DSM IV … Read More

IVORY MagazineThe hidden face of male depression

Bibliotherapy: Can reading heal you?

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bibliotherapy: can reading heal you

I read an article on bibliotherapy that got me thinking this week.  “Take two chapters daily – how to prescribe fiction.” The article discussed the idea that GPs are going to give books to help teenagers with mental health issues. Within the article two ‘seasoned bibliotherapists’ discussed the power of novels as therapy. Now, before we go any further, can I … Read More

IVORY MagazineBibliotherapy: Can reading heal you?