Are you ruled by the ego?

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ruled by the ego

One of the main signs you’re being led by your ego is the need to always be right. In most cases this is involuntary, and it’s especially hard to notice if you’re not aware of how the ego operates. The ego is something we create. It’s a combination of all the beliefs we have about who we are. These are constructed beliefs … Read More

IVORY MagazineAre you ruled by the ego?

Ibogaine: The psychedelic plant medicine that heals your mind

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ibogaine psychotherapy lex kogan

What if you could take a pill to heal the past. A one-shot medicine to make you a better, more spiritually-aware person. Would you take it? Ibogaine is an indole alkaloid derived from the African shrub Iboga. The Bwity, a religious sect in West Africa, gives this plant medicine to the children in a coming of age ceremony. It is extreme. … Read More

IVORY MagazineIbogaine: The psychedelic plant medicine that heals your mind

Social media addiction

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IVORY Magazine social media addiction

The immediate gratification of social media is both a blessing and a curse in the pursuit of mindfulness. Today, the message that practising meditation is good for you is as mainstream as the message that smoking is bad for you – and equally as true. So why is it so hard to make time for meditation? Most reasons can be easily … Read More

IVORY MagazineSocial media addiction

Scheduled worry time

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Ivory Magazine scheduled worry time, mental health, CBT and psychology

Scheduled worry time is a cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) technique that helps reduce anxiety. Used alongside mindfulness it can help us to learn how to ‘worry more effectively’. Everyone worries from time to time and we generally don’t have immediate control over this. Whether it’s undesirable future events or things that happened in the past, some of us have a tendency to worry about … Read More

IVORY MagazineScheduled worry time

Clean eating, dirty eating…

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clean eating

Today’s most popular diets aren’t just about achieving the current body trend of zero fat and chiseled abs. The most highly-marketed eating plans encourage us to show the world (through Instagram obviously) who we are. We are quite literally eating our identities. On one side of the ring are the folks who munch on nothing but the few products left without a … Read More

IVORY MagazineClean eating, dirty eating…

The cost of constant connection

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All of the creating, connecting, influence to be won, obligations to be met, rough edges to be polished. This is the double-edged sword in an era of hyper-connectivity . The access and opportunity that technology affords us, and the umbilical chord of constant connection that haunts our waking minds with the whispers of hollow mindlessness. It finds me in moments of relative … Read More

IVORY MagazineThe cost of constant connection