Yoga is not about bliss

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Ivory Magazine why yoga and mindfulness is not always a feel good industry in mental health

Yoga has a corner market on feel good words. I recently had a massage therapist tell me we were both in the ‘feel good industry’. But yoga isn’t all about feeling good. The promise of ‘enlightenment’ tends to make us think we will be more spiritual, and this somehow means we’ll be a little less freakish about time, our kids, … Read More

IVORY MagazineYoga is not about bliss

Yoga and meditation for children

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meditation for children Ivory Magazine

Yoga and mindfulness are important to our children. Yoga is the art of bringing the breath, mind, and body together. While children may use these areas independently, the union of the three increases their ability to be patient, identify and manage emotions, and see the unique light in others. Aside from the physical benefits – increased strength, flexibility, and coordination … Read More

IVORY MagazineYoga and meditation for children

Mental health and spirituality: The missing link

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mental health and spirituality ivory magazine

Mental health is enough to drive a person crazy, except you can’t say crazy, it’s way too offensive. CBT, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, we talk about our emotional well being as though it’s a blistering, cancerous lump. With groundbreaking national campaigns encouraging us to open up about our problems it’s finally ‘time to talk’ about why we’re so damaged, but at best … Read More

IVORY MagazineMental health and spirituality: The missing link

Yoga meets Christianity

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IVORY magazine yoga and christianity in spirituality with mindfulness

In the heart of The South, yoga studios are few and far between, with plenty of misunderstanding on the parts of yogis and proud generations of Southerners alike. Despite all this, a genuine practice has its place below the Mason-Dixon, where yoga culture has taken on a life of its own. Justin Linderman of Shoals Yoga Studio, located in Florence, AL, … Read More

IVORY MagazineYoga meets Christianity

How yoga lost its cool

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yoga is not cool anymore ivory magazine

Yoga had its moment. Sometime after the Madonna years when it was elevated from its Maharishi, bearded beginnings. Today, in the years of social media and big business, The Beatles are all its got left.  Some teachers aren’t very yogic in nature. Take the yoga teacher contestant on that intellectually stimulating show Love in the Wild. ‘I’m extremely competitive’ she … Read More

IVORY MagazineHow yoga lost its cool

Psychedelic savasana: A beginner’s guide to yoga nidra

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yoga nidra savasana

Savasana (the relaxation at the end of a yoga practice) is the ultimate yoga pose, but not many have heard of yoga nidra, a psychedelic meditation which taps deep into the unconscious to draw up the goods from below. Yoga nidra is a very simple practice. A guided hypnosis full of visualisations which enhances creativity and can quite literally help … Read More

IVORY MagazinePsychedelic savasana: A beginner’s guide to yoga nidra