Diyabubula art hotel

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Art is therapeutic and so are elephants, and so is Sri Lanka, so this could be the best hotel EVER this summer.

Diyabubula was designed by Sri Lanka’s most renowned artist, Laki Senanayake, to celebrate Sri Lankan wilderness and art, with five individually crafted villas which not only let you see the jungle but experience it at its very core. Laki’s studio is in the middle of the hotel and he regularly invites guests to join him in creating.


You can take an excursion to some really cool sites like the rose quartz mountain (I know, so much love, is this even possible) and Dambulla, the best preserved cave complex temple in Sri Lanka… cue spirituality and awesome art.

You will melt when you experience the rooms in the retreat which put you right into the heart of the jungle. The water villa is outrageous. But the best thing by far (because elephants are the best things on the planet by far) is that the largest gathering of elephants in the world occurs here every summer.

Every year between July and October around 200 elephants gather on the shores of the Minneriya lake. That is a lot of spiritual creatures, right?

Truly special :)

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