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Detoxing the Easy way

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I’ve always sucked at detoxes but noticed my energy levels dropping as the amount of rubbish I ate was increasing so was happy to discover EasyDetox, a Thai concoction of herbs and spices said to benefit the cleansing process but with the added benefit of actual food allowed.


With the EasyDetox you take three sachets per day of health-boosting plants grown in Thailand.  The spicy powder includes ‘powerful yet gentle cleansers’.  Here’s the full list of exotically-named ingredients.

You mix the powder into a smoothie or fruit juice.  I used the Love Taste frozen smoothies because it’s the middle of a heat wave.  Top tip – don’t add the sachets to anything savoury, it just doesn’t work!  I tried adding it to a green detox soup and it was like drinking aromatic pond water.  It really needs a fruity base and then tastes pretty good.

Here’s another thing.  Three of the ingredients work together to naturally reduce your appetite.  I felt blissfully bloated full of fruit, veg and prana, which was a strange experience and very unlike being stuffed full of takeaway.

On the website it says, “Most people notice a very big difference in the way they feel from day 4 onwards.  What they learn from us transforms the way they look at food, and what they eat, long after they have finished the detox program.  Changing their relationship with food for the better.”

This is the real selling point with EasyDetox.  You get addicted to the good stuff.  A week later I had a few beers on a night out and next day’s headache combined with the two-day brain fog and sinking feeling in my stomach made me really realise how miserable alcohol can be.  This is a big thing coming from me, as most of my friends could tell you.

I genuinely believe the EasyDetox changed my life.  After three days of bingeing on vegetarian food I started daily yoga.  I completely stopped drinking alcohol.  My energy levels went through the roof with the biggest development the fact I can think straight every single day.

The amount I was casually drinking meant I was wading through brain fog, feeling nauseous most of the time, suffering from serious mood swings and a constant feeling of existential dread and anxiety.

It seems silly that a few hours of merriment are deemed worth it for the mental hell of a hangover and mine seemed to last a good few days which meant I was constantly feeling rough.

When you’re full to the brim with prana (life force!) you can’t help but search for more.  The EasyDetox is such a great way to kickstart the process.  OK, they gave me the detox pack for free but this is an honest review, nobody paid me to do it and it’s such a big difference from the traditional idea of detoxing / wishing every moment of your day would fly past because you are mood swinging on something ridiculous like lemons and sugary water.

Obviously some foods are a no go – coffee, alcohol, meat, sugar, the usual suspects and also the ones that make life taste better.  But there’s the trick right there.  Tasting good often means feeling bad.

When we eat a vegetarian diet we get the full benefits of the sun, the source of our vital energy.  We can only draw vitamin D and prana from the sun, whereas plants use photosynthesis to convert energy into matter.

A vegetarian diet delivers nutrients directly from the sun.  Meat contains only second hand nutrients because the natural energy has already been metabolised in the body of the animal.  Not to mention, meat is proven to speed up cancer development and is basically bad karma.

If you look at things as energy even the way you prepare your food can have an effect on it.  Have you ever cooked something when you’re angry?  I bet it didn’t taste as good as it would if you were loved up.

The best thing about eating for spiritual energy is it takes you on an upward cycle so you’re spurred further on by how good you feel. When you’ve been binge drinking nutrient-packed smoothies for three days straight you start to become slightly elated. You too might find yourself practising yoga every day and starting to feel repulsed by steaks.

The other obvious added benefit of eating a yogic diet is you end up toned, glowing and healthy so you get the best physical benefits without having to starve yourself / eat only meat and lard / drink sugary lemon juice to get prominent cheekbones for a week then go back to being vaguely beached whalish.

Here’s a nice quote to leave you with from Swami Sivananda, an infamous yogi who helped bring yoga to the west:

“There is no mystery about diet.  It can be learnt very easily.  Have a good knowledge of diet and nutrition.  You can save doctor’s bills.  You can build a healthy constitution.  Eat moderately what you know by experience is agreeable to you and what is digestible.  Simple diet is the best.”


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