ivory gloss subscription box

Ivory Gloss subscription box

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Ivory Gloss is officially a Virgin Start-Up company!

Ivory Gloss is a subscription box containing a ritual based on a different area of spirituality each month. The first is a meditation to reset the mind.

There will also be vouchers hidden inside special boxes to send a box to a friend in need or donate £10 to one our chosen charities – one of which will help endangered species.

But conservationism wasn’t the initial reason I chose Ivory as a business name. It was actually the ‘ivory gloss’ headboard on my IKEA bed when I first went through a spiritual awakening.

Of course, a spiritual awakening can also be described as a total meltdown. I didn’t embrace angels, instead I went through a really shitty time emotionally as I started to face my shadow, all brought on by a relationship… hence the headboard 😋

Symbols are my thing and I found it symbolic, this ivory gloss, not only for personal reasons but because the word ivory itself is full of duality.

It’s a beautiful, strong material (when attached to its rightful owner, of course) but it’s also a word full of shame. It’s a spiritual symbol as part of the elephant but also a reminder of the work we still need to do.

By Gemma Rowbotham, editor of Ivory Magazine and director of Ivory Gloss

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