Yoga and meditation for children

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Yoga and mindfulness are important to our children. Yoga is the art of bringing the breath, mind, and body together. While children may use these areas independently, the union of the three increases their ability to be patient, identify and manage emotions, and see the unique light in others. Aside from the physical benefits – increased strength, flexibility, and coordination … Read More

IVORY MagazineYoga and meditation for children

10 tips for using art as therapy

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The benefits of art for our mental health is often overlooked. I was reminded just how powerful it can be when my mood took a nosedive after nearly eighteen months of relative stability, having avoided the manic highs and desperate lows associated with my bipolar diagnosis. My wife Jules had bought me some paints and I painted a picture called ‘Icarus … Read More

IVORY Magazine10 tips for using art as therapy

How to help loved ones with mental health problems

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Mental health patients can resist treatment for a variety of reasons. Although close family and friends are in the best position to urge a troubled person to seek help, this task can often be the hardest. We can feel it’s impolite or insulting to approach this awkward topic. We are too easily put off or intimidated by the resistance and rejection we … Read More

IVORY MagazineHow to help loved ones with mental health problems

Heroin addiction and ibogaine

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IVORY Magazine, heroin addiction and ibogaine Shea Preuger

US model Shea Preuger struggled with heroin addiction for six years. “I was a little bit wild I guess. I was bored and I was young and I wasn’t thinking. “I’d been through a few difficult things and heroin just completely numbed any feelings I had. But then, it was difficult to get off it, you know? At the time … Read More

IVORY MagazineHeroin addiction and ibogaine

The cost of constant connection

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IVORY Magazine, social media and internet addiction in psychology and mental health

All of the creating, connecting, influence to be won, obligations to be met, rough edges to be polished. This is the double-edged sword in an era of hyper-connectivity . The access and opportunity that technology affords us, and the umbilical chord of constant connection that haunts our waking minds with the whispers of hollow mindlessness. It finds me in moments of relative … Read More

IVORY MagazineThe cost of constant connection

Mental health and spirituality: The missing link

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Mental health is enough to drive a person crazy, except you can’t say crazy, it’s way too offensive. CBT, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, we talk about our emotional well being as though it’s a blistering, cancerous lump. With groundbreaking national campaigns encouraging us to open up about our problems it’s finally ‘time to talk’ about why we’re so damaged, but at best … Read More

IVORY MagazineMental health and spirituality: The missing link