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Heroin addiction and ibogaine

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US model Shea Preuger struggled with heroin addiction for six years. “I was a little bit wild I guess. I was bored and I was young and I wasn’t thinking. “I’d been through a few difficult things and heroin just completely numbed any feelings I had. But then, it was difficult to get off it, you know? At the time …

IVORY MagazineHeroin addiction and ibogaine
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The cost of constant connection

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All of the creating, connecting, influence to be won, obligations to be met, rough edges to be polished. This is the double-edged sword in an era of hyper-connectivity . The access and opportunity that technology affords us, and the umbilical chord of constant connection that haunts our waking minds with the whispers of hollow mindlessness. It finds me in moments of relative …

IVORY MagazineThe cost of constant connection
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Mental health and spirituality: The missing link

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Mental health is enough to drive a person crazy, except you can’t say crazy, it’s way too offensive. CBT, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, we talk about our emotional well being as though it’s a blistering, cancerous lump. With groundbreaking national campaigns encouraging us to open up about our problems it’s finally ‘time to talk’ about why we’re so damaged, but at best …

IVORY MagazineMental health and spirituality: The missing link
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The colourful art of communication

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How many times have you come across someone in your life who doesn’t seem to understand you? How many times do you find yourself listening to someone in conversation and either forming your own response in your head before they’ve had a chance to finish speaking, or allowing your mind to wander off elsewhere, not being present at all? Well don’t …

IVORY MagazineThe colourful art of communication
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5 ways trail running rocks

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More and more people are beginning to quit the gym for a life of outdoor exercise and trail running, quite simply because it’s proven to boost your mood. Here are 5 ways trail running can improve your mental health. At one with nature When we meditate or take time out to relax, we’re encouraged to think of somewhere that calms us and …

IVORY Magazine5 ways trail running rocks
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5 lies that stunt your growth

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1. I can’t! – I have listed this one first as it’s the showstopper. When we say believe we can’t do something we’re left stuck at the starting line with no drive to move forwards. The depletion of energy we feel deprives us of the resources we need to finish the race. This stubborn habit requires two steps to overcome. The …

IVORY Magazine5 lies that stunt your growth