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Stay humble

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Believing you possess both the power of Atlas but are as insignificance as an ant is a difficult paradox for the human ego to navigate, but it is the key to being extraordinary. A lot of stars are incapable of doing this, but not our hero AJ!

Anthony Joshua pocketed £15 million from his fight with Klitschko but is so down to earth he still lives in an ex-council flat with his mum despite the fact he is LOADED and possibly the coolest guy on the planet.

And what’s his secret to success? “I’m a simple boy,” says he. “It’s all down to my mum’s Nigerian cooking.”


Will the money go to his head and will he fuck it all up? It seems not, at least not yet. What makes him so perfect is his kind hearted approach, his joker attitude and the fact he doesn’t take himself at all too seriously.


Humble people can receive a bad rap. Humility is frequently associated with being too passive, submissive or insecure, but this couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Instead, humble people are quite the opposite – confident and competent in themselves so much that, as a result, they seek to self-actualise by helping others. Humble people are still self-efficacious; they just don’t feel the impetus to boast about themselves but instead, let their actions speak for their ideals. To be humble is not to think less of oneself, but to think of oneself less.

What’s the opposite of humble? It isn’t even arrogance, it’s way worse than that!

Hubris is such a destructive quality it was one of the key themes of our predecessors, the Ancient Greeks. During this time the great poet Homer displayed it as the greatest tragic flaw in heroes.

Positive self image is psychologically healthy, and self confidence, proper ambition and authentic pride are necessary qualities for any successful person. However in the hubrist these qualities morph into excesses, and the hallmark of hubris is contempt.

We react badly to hubris for a reason. It’s not only an unattractive quality but a dangerous one. Bankers ruined the stock market, they damaged a lot of people’s lives because they gambled on credit and their inflated egos.

Just look at brand Beckham. Becks was cool for being down to earth but he blew it. What people loved about him was his humbleness, but that got shaky as soon as he started ranting about OBEs. Lance Armstrong, Kanye West – maybe even the vote on Brexit are all prime examples of hubris. Smug experts thinking they know best and viewing themselves above the rest of the population, plus a reaction to leaders who took themselves way too seriously.

Humanity. It isn’t about money, or success, or building empires, or tax avoidance, it’s about more than that. So if your star is rising, don’t let your ego rise too. By all means be great but stay down to earth. Don’t go challenging the gods!

by Gemma Rowbotham

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