10 tips for using photography as therapy

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Photography has been a passion of mine for a while, but it was only recently that I was reminded just how beneficial it has been to my wellbeing. I have a bipolar mental health condition and the one thing that has helped me ride all the highs and lows of my condition has been photography. It became such a part … Read More

IVORY Magazine10 tips for using photography as therapy

The Lions Barber Collective encourages men to talk about their mental health

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The Lion's Barber Collective Ivory Magazine

Hairdressing school doesn’t teach you about counter transference, projection, negative reinforcement or personality disorders. Nor does it dabble in the more recognisable mental health issues – depression and anxiety, which is a shame really, because most men feel comfortable talking to their barbers. There’s just the right levels of familiarity and detachment. Why burden your friends with your woes when you can … Read More

IVORY MagazineThe Lions Barber Collective encourages men to talk about their mental health

Ibogaine: The psychedelic plant medicine that heals your mind

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What if you could take a pill to heal the past. A one-shot medicine to make you a better, more spiritually-aware person. Would you take it? Ibogaine is an indole alkaloid derived from the African shrub Iboga. The Bwity, a religious sect in West Africa, gives this plant medicine to the children in a coming of age ceremony. It is extreme. … Read More

IVORY MagazineIbogaine: The psychedelic plant medicine that heals your mind

Mental health in universities

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Over 80% of students have had a mental health problem over the last year. Whether that’s due to exam stress, previous conditions, or other, new factors, the number is far too big to ignore. But what’s the reason behind this, and what are universities doing to challenge it? London School of Economics (LSE) has recently come under fire for their approach to a student … Read More

IVORY MagazineMental health in universities

The hidden face of male depression

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The number of men taking their own lives has been steadily increasing since 2001 and is currently the highest it has ever been. Suicide is now the U.K’s leading cause of death in men under 50. The figures are alarming and yet only 25% of the people currently seeking help for depression in the U.K are men. According to the DSM IV … Read More

IVORY MagazineThe hidden face of male depression

Social media addiction

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IVORY Magazine social media addiction

The immediate gratification of social media is both a blessing and a curse in the pursuit of mindfulness. Today, the message that practising meditation is good for you is as mainstream as the message that smoking is bad for you – and equally as true. So why is it so hard to make time for meditation? Most reasons can be easily … Read More

IVORY MagazineSocial media addiction