The colourful art of communication

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How many times have you come across someone in your life who doesn’t seem to understand you? How many times do you find yourself listening to someone in conversation and either forming your own response in your head before they’ve had a chance to finish speaking, or allowing your mind to wander off elsewhere, not being present at all? Well don’t give yourself a hard time if you answered yes to either of these questions.

Are we all so very different?

Thankfully we are all beautifully unique. We may share similarities with others, but we also have our differences and it is this that makes for the colourful palette of life. We all bring different energy to life. Some of us are more extroverted, whilst others are more introverted. Some of us use our five senses more than our sixth sense of intuition, some of us live from the heart, whilst others from their head.

Is it any wonder then, that at times, communication can be like a mass of tangled and crossed wires? How can we decipher the mixed messages and crack the code if it is so very complicated and convoluted? Thankfully, there is an answer. Based on the work of ancient philosophers and the more recent teachings of Carl Jung, we can in fact start to break down the barriers to meaningful interactions with our fellow travellers on this journey of life. We can unlock the colour code of life.

We can do this by understanding that we all show up with different energy, shown in the personification of the four elements; Fire, Air, Earth and Water and their associated colours: Red, Yellow, Green and Blue.


Let’s take for example, the element of Fire and the colour red. A person who shows up with a high level of this energy may well be focused, forceful, direct, challenging, dominant and action oriented. They’re more likely to be coming from their head rather than their heart and have a tendency towards extroversion.

Colour combinations

With this in mind, if a person showing a lot of red/fire energy is in communication with a person who shows a lot of green/earth energy – empathetic, concerned, informal, supportive, patient and easy-going, very much coming from their heart and from a place of introversion, it may not be a surprise if the colour mix leads to different points of view at best, and misunderstanding and frustration at worst.

In reality we can all have a mix of the colour energies. Some stronger than others of course, but we all have the ability and at times the necessity to “turn up” our energy in areas where we wouldn’t naturally be as comfortable. By having a greater understanding of the colourful art of communication, we can learn and develop our colour energies and have more meaningful connections with those different from ourselves.

Consider how someone with high Yellow energy might appear if you were to meet them? How might they be dressed, what words and language might they use? The image of sunshine yellow may well give us some clues. These bright energetic beings will be the most talkative, expressive and flamboyant in the room. They will be the light shining at the centre of the room.

How might that differ from someone with a lot of Blue energy?

The beauty is in the contrast

I’m sure you can start to see the opportunities we all have to recognise the differences, the contrasts and where we can blend those beautiful colours into something amazing – a work of art, a masterpiece.

It is in the contrast that the true beauty of life is revealed. Without this contrast there would be no sharing of opposing views, no debate and no growth. Imagine the great artists in history. How would they have created their masterpieces without the gift of contrast? The full spectrum of colours is what makes the picture so interesting.

So the next time you find yourself challenged by the colourful art of communication, consider this: What colour energy am I showing up with? What’s the energy of the person I’m communicating with? How can we better blend this colour palette to create something beautiful?

Lisa Whitehead is a Soul purpose coach, award-winning therapist and author based In Swinderby, Lincolnshire. 

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IVORY MagazineThe colourful art of communication

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