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Archetypes of femininity

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Femininity can seem like a bit of a dirty word now, and it’s no surprise.  We’ve made a complete hash of it over the past two thousand years.  The main problem is there aren’t many healthy forms of femininity left within our culture.

Healthy female archetypes have been tragically discarded.  All over the world, since medieval times, feminine energy has been seen as inferior to masculine energy and men.

Making femininity too sexual or too masculine is psychologically dangerous. The trouble arises when we see the masculine or feminine as superior to the other. This has caused so much suffering and torment throughout history and is driving the sexes apart

Goddess archetypes

Polytheism was probably the most healthy state for women as each goddess archetype represented a whole range of teachings and understanding of femininity on a collective level.

We worshiped the moon, following the cycles as they mimicked our own. We would worship venus and we would worship mars – these were the sexual sides of masculinity and femininity. Then we have the sun and the moon. These are the life forces. The moon is changeable, reflective, and emotional. The sun is driven, strong and direct.

Within us all is a mix of masculine and feminine energy.  Men and women have to develop and embrace both sides of their nature. One cannot be balanced without the other. Each of us must make space for the other in our life, especially through our partnerships.

Rather than fight for feminism we should embrace archetypes and understand the importance of both masculinity and femininity in ourselves and our culture.

Make peace with the male energy within you. Don’t be afraid to be resolute, principled, and take noble action. Make peace with the feminine energy within you. Don’t be afraid to receive, adapt, trust, rest and meditate.

Femininity does not mean weakness, just because it means you are soft. It can be a warrior energy too, but now it seems we’re left with a combination of masculinity and the whore archetype as acceptable examples for a woman to live her life by.

Never forget that more traditional feminine qualities… sacrifice, nurture and empathy are the most important qualities for the human race going forward.

By Gemma Rowbotham


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