summer beauty review ivory

Top 5 summer beauty saviours

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summer beauty review ivory

I never thought I’d find an exfoliator to rival the infamous Dermalogica microfoliant, which I’ve been bound to for over ten years, but the AnnMarie Kaolin Micro Exfoliant is a firm competitor that wins hands down in overall experience which is, without exaggerating, total Ayurvedic luxury.  This exfoliator is spicy with subtle citrus notes and gorgeously grainy. The texture is thick, a little like clay, which takes a few extra splashes to wash off but gives a longer lasting scrub.  It left my skin polished and smooth.

Even though the Purepotions Skin Salvation face cream is specifically designed for eczema it completely saved me during the record heatwave last month when I burnt two raw strips on my sun-shy decollage.  For maximum moisture I usually apply a layer of coconut oil on top of my daily face cream (which basically means it’s not rich enough) but it definitely doesn’t need it.  My skin was plumped and hydrated.  It’s also very cooling and so especially good for sunburn or easily irritated skin.

Is there a more evocative summer fragrance than rose?  Probably not plus I’m loving it in this Gazelli White Oil Reviving Eye Cream.  It isn’t just a heady delight but noticeably brightened up my under eye area.  This eye cream has anti-inflammatory black tea extract which reduces puffiness and feels silky on the skin but the honest reason I would buy this again is because of the fragrance.  Yum!

I rarely use night cream but the Jojoba Intense Overnight Renewal night cream is unrivalled for how amazing it leaves your skin the next day.  Super nourishing, it somehow doesn’t leave your face too plumped, aka puffy, when you first wake up.  It’s not too oily which means no chance of breakouts, my biggest issue with night creams.

Not a day goes by when I don’t slather this totally tropical oil over my cuticles.  Handbag Holiday by Butter, my absolute fave nail brand, is the ultimate cuticle conditioner because it smells like coconut and pineapple and therefore holidays, is pure vitamin oil in a cool-looking jar, and basically every handbag-owning human should own one.


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Ivory MagazineTop 5 summer beauty saviours

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