10 law of attraction affirmations to help you attract the life you want 


The law of attraction works by ‘attracting’ positive energy through knowing exactly what you want, and believing in it, almost as if you already have it.


One of the best ways to train the mind into believing is through affirmations. Read on for 10 simple law of attraction affirmations to help you manifest the life of your dreams.



Law of attraction affirmations:


  • I appreciate all the blessings in my life
    Appreciating what you already have is a great place to start when it comes to manifestation – it opens up your mind to positive signals from the universe 


  • I only attract positive circumstances and positive people into my life
    Focusing on positive circumstances and positive people will help draw them towards you


  • I see opportunities to bring more wealth into my life
    Professing that you already see opportunities to attract money, will help bring them your way


  • My life is filled with joy and happiness
    Say it and believe it, and this is exactly what will happen 


  • I am a magnet to prosperity
    Again, using the present tense gives out the right signals, and helps to attract positivity into your life


  • I have the power to manifest anything I desire into my life
    There is no limit to what you can manifest with the law of attraction, so don’t be afraid to think big 


  • The power to be successful is already within me
    Believing that the power is already within you will help open your mind to the endless possibilities around you 


  • I am living the life of my dreams
    This is probably one of the most important affirmations because it places you in the life of your dreams, thus, helping to create it  


  • My positive mindset attracts positive circumstances
    Creating a positive mindset is the key to creating a positive life


  • My thoughts create my reality
    This is the truth. Each thought you have sends out signals which are responded to by the universe


TIP – To incorporate these law of attraction affirmations into your daily life, try writing them down and saying them out loud during your morning routine, while you’re getting ready for work or on your way back from the school run.


If you’re feeling creative, you could try:


  • Writing your law of attraction affirmations on your mirror so you see them when you’re getting ready


  • Changing your laptop password to your favourite affirmation so you repeatedly enter it without even thinking


  • Popping your law of attraction affirmations on to sticky notes and leaving them around the house – on the fridge, next to your bedside lamp and on the wall next to the front door


  • Creating a moodboard using images which represent your affirmations and sticking it somewhere it can’t be missed, or setting it as your background on your phone, tablet or computer (Pinterest is a great tool for creating digital moodboards!)


TIP – If you have any negative self beliefs or fears holding you back, the law of attraction is going to be stopped in its tracks. Click here for some ways to break through them using emotional freedom technique, EFT.


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by Dawn Louise Vincent


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Ivory10 law of attraction affirmations to help you attract the life you want 

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