Blue Moon in Taurus, October 31st, 2020

A full moon on Halloween?! You’d expect nothing less from 2020 than the most Halloweeny Halloween on record. Just to add to the fun, this full moon will be tightly aligned with the planet of shocks and surprises, Uranus, in the sign of earthly delights, Taurus. There are a couple of other transits happening in the skies to go along with this full moon, both of which are a little tricky, but forewarned is forearmed and it will be an exciting day for sure.

The first is Mercury Retrograde square Saturn. An unexpected event may force a change of plans. Misunderstandings, arguments, confusion over facts and figures and a difficulty processing logical information are associated with this alignment, although in some ways this adds to the idea of intuitive insights being free to flow away from the constricts of thought.

The next is Venus opposite Chiron, an otherworldly influence that connects healing to the realms of emotions. Things are probably going to surface this weekend from the graveyard of your past, so be sure to tune into these feelings, really get into them, sit with them, process them and then release them once and for all with this one-of-a-kind celestial energy.

It’s a time for endings, for ripping off the emotional band aid so-to-speak, for connecting with your higher self and for being very careful to socially distance if you plan on being out and about. The fact the US election is taking place at the time of this full moon is a little concerning. Keep an eye on current events because things could get a little wild.

The crystal for the Halloween full moon in this month’s BLUE Ivory Gloss box is a clear quartz pendulum (we still have a few boxes left and the final ones will be sent out tomorrow so if you haven’t had a chance to claim yours, here’s the link)

Working with your pendulum this weekend is sure to bring up some insights. Under these skies you will be more connected to your intuition and deepest feelings.

On Friday and Saturday the energy of the full moon will be at its strongest. Be sure to tap into this rare celestial energy at your disposal by meditating on the third eye.

Sit in a meditative position, deepen your breath and allow yourself to completely relax. Now, focus on your third eye and imagine it as an indigo fairy light expanding throughout your mind and into the space around you.

When you have finished, hold the pendulum with your elbow resting on a surface. Focus on the word YES and see how the pendulum swings. Now focus on NO. Does it move forwards and backwards? In a circle? Confirm out loud which signal you want to use for YES, then NO, being sure to swing the pendulum in the way you have chosen.

Now, ask some test questions where you know the answer and see how it swings. When you are happy with the YES and NO signals you can ask some real questions.

Clear quartz enhances psychic abilities, aids concentration and unlocks memory. It’s a great crystal for this full moon as it helps to clear out any thoughts that are stuck and access higher levels of intuition.

If you want to know a bit more about how this full moon will directly affect YOU I’m doing some free birth chart readings over on Instagram later this week. Keep an eye out and I’ll send an email to remind you.

Get ready for a shocking, emotional and super-charged weekend. Happy Halloween!

IvoryBlue Moon in Taurus, October 31st, 2020

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