Laughter Meditation

Laughter is the best medicine, or so we’re told. Especially when times are not particularly funny, like, well, now for example. (Ahem – was not going to mention the B word but things are really stressing me out in the UK right now!) Indy Rishi Singh, founder of iLiving, is one of the founding gurus of Laughter Meditation and believes it …

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Natural products to ease anxiety

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First thing in the morning Positivitea does just what it says on the tin.  It brings you up and keeps you feeling happy throughout the day.  Their teabags are all ethically sourced and contain only natural ingredients, ranging from marshmallow leaves, to Ajwain seeds to chilli.  They’re a delicious alternative to coffee in the morning if you’re someone whose anxiety is sparked by too …

IvoryNatural products to ease anxiety

Addiction and ibogaine

Shea Prueger struggled with heroin addiction for six years. Her failed attempts at withdrawing from heroin led her to a final resort, ibogaine, a psychoactive plant medicine from West Africa. She has been sober ever since and now helps heal others using ibogaine. “I was a little bit wild I guess. I’d just moved to New York. I was bored …

IvoryAddiction and ibogaine

Ibogaine psychotherapy

What if you could take a pill to heal the past.  A one-shot medicine to make you a better, more spiritually-aware person.  Would you take it? Ibogaine is an indole alkaloid derived from the African shrub Iboga.  The Bwity, a religious sect in West Africa, gives this plant medicine to the children in a coming of age ceremony.  It is extreme. …

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Embracing change

embracing change Ivory Magazine

Whenever we begin something anew that we’ve done many times before, whether a work project or a romantic relationship, there are always parts of us that are the same, and others that are different. Like the seasons we are dynamic and are always transforming, becoming someone new a little piece at a time.  Sometimes the changes are dramatic and life-altering, such …

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