Christmas meditation

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Christmas and meditation go hand in hand not only because they’re both totally spiritual but because Christmas can be a bit overwhelming! Here are three guided meditations to soothe your soul and help lift you into the Christmas spirit.

To begin, either lie on the floor in savasana or sit cross-legged with your spine straight and your shoulders relaxed. You can also meditate sitting on a chair, feet flat on the ground.

The Star Meditation – this was the guided meditation in the December Ivory Gloss box

meditations and visualisations for chrismtas

Heart chakra meditation – I promise I’m going to put a box together for the heart chakra soon but I’ve been taking my time because it’s everyone’s favourite and will be one of the boxes in the online shop – but here’s a festive use for it now. Don’t forget the greenery of Christmas relates to the greenery of the heart chakra. Coincidence? No!

meditations and visualisation for christmas spirit the heart chakra

Cave of the Heart Meditation – OK this is a bit out in left field but it’s a meditation that should really help you get into the Christmas spirit. It’s been argued that Jesus was born in a cave rather than a stable and that this is symbolic of that place in your heart that just KNOWS. I think it’s sweet! Hopefully you do too 😙

meditation on the nativity and the cave of the heart, a guided meditation for Chrismtas


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