Eclipse season: How to read the energy of an eclipse


Eclipses are related to destiny and where you need to direct your energy for your soul to progress. I won’t go into the geometry (mainly because it confuses me) but the symbolism of an eclipse is actually super interesting.


On an astrology chart look for the signs of the lunar nodes – ☊ ☋ When the sun reaches either of these signs, you’ll know it’s eclipse season.


This year (2021) the lunar nodes and therefore the current eclipse series are across the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. CLICK HERE to find out what the eclipses in these two signs mean.


Eclipses reveal what you need to do to be truly happy and the steps you can take to get there. All eclipses are renowned for being a little intense because they can push you out of your comfort zone to focus on the areas where you must grow.


Often changes can appear out of left field. The thing to remember is that all eclipses are beneficial in the long run. They are like chimes along the path of fate, ringing us back onto the correct path.



The lunar nodes


The north and south nodes of the moon were traditionally described as a celestial dragon. The north node ☊ is the dragon’s head representing your destiny and where you need to go. The south node ☋ is the dragon’s tail sweeping up and clearing issues from the past.





Despite the possibility of a little upheaval, after each eclipse you will come closer to who you are, how you got here (your south node) and where you’re going next (the north node).


Eclipses enlighten us with a floodlight of truth, so that we can see all that we had been too blind to see.” Susan Miller, Astrologyzone.


A new moon solar eclipse is often associated with external events, life direction and new beginnings. A full moon lunar eclipse focuses on your inner world, your thoughts and emotions.


New moon solar eclipse


Like all new moons, a solar eclipse marks a new beginning or a turning point often with a very distinct feeling of ‘no going back’. Decisions made at the time of a solar eclipse can have long-lasting implications for the future.


Watch out for insights into how your emotional life, childhood experiences and inner stories are having an affect on your external world, your goals and your direction.


Because the light of the sun (your life force) is blocked out by the moon (your emotions) you may find that old habits, behaviours and beliefs have to bubble to the surface in order for you to move forwards.


Around the time of an eclipse even a minor event can spark a situation you can’t turn back from.


That’s why it’s important to be vigilant during eclipse season and only follow the whims that will lead you somewhere constructive and positive.


Often with an eclipse you will have no say in the matter in which case you can be sure the Universe is pushing you towards greener pastures.


Make sure with any events that catch you by surprise you repeat to yourself, ‘I am right where I need to be.’


Full moon lunar eclipse


A full moon lunar eclipse happens when the moon is blocked by the earth’s shadow. It represents a resetting of emotions and a clearing away of the emotional baggage from the last six months.


The symbolism of the earth blocking out the moon suggests a sort of intensified dark phase where we are able to access hidden gems in our unconscious by sifting through the mud that lies beneath.


At the time of an eclipsed full moon (when you should be basking in the moonlight) you’re asked to look deeper. Release anything that might be holding you back and spend some time contemplating what that might be.


Emotions will come to a head (this is a super-charged full moon after all) and decisions may not be clear cut. Try not to set anything in stone and keep as grounded and calm as possible.


Hidden pieces of information and revelations are ready to pop to the surface and things can come to an end. It could be a way of life, a relationship, or something as subtle as an attitude or belief system.


Just remember that this is to clear the way for a magnificent new beginning. The message is to find ways to gracefully release your grip on anything no longer needed.


How to deal with eclipse energy


Most of the things you would do during a new and full moon (writing intentions, charging your crystals) are NOT recommended at the time of an eclipse because the energy you are working with is blocked and therefore distorted.


Some astrologers believe eclipses aren’t the best time to manifest because they can hide information before it comes to light. It may be better to wait until the following new moon to make a super-powered manifestation instead.






IvoryEclipse season: How to read the energy of an eclipse

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