Fir needle essential oil in the December BLUE Ivory Gloss box


Fir needle is a lovely essential oil to use during the winter months. Both grounding and uplifting it warms the heart and stimulates the mind. This is partly how fir trees found their way inside homes for Christmas, aside from housing the elves during dark, Nordic midwinters 💙


And if elves aren’t your thing, fir needle oil is said to help alleviate low moods and symptoms of depression so you might even start believing in them.


This festive season we face the final three Mars squares of the ongoing Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter transit which rampaged through 2020. Revel in the smell of a Christmas tree to stay grounded yet perky during these intensive planetary energies.


Fir needle is also medicinal, whether it’s muscle pain, tension headaches or respiratory problems, and emotionally (aside from the fact it offers the sensation of Christmas in a bottle) fir needle can help calm an anxious mind during times of change.


There are a few different varieties of fir needle, the main two being Silver and Siberian, both of which you’ll find inside the December BLUE Ivory Gloss box. Siberian fir is your classic Christmas tree essential oil and is included as a pure essential oil. Silver fir has a more earthy smell, like Norwegian woods in the rain.


Try adding your fir needle essential oil to the grapefruit essential oil from the July BLUE Ivory Gloss box, a combo that will lift your spirits in an instant. You can also add fir needle essential oil to a carrier oil and apply it directly to your body for a muscle-soothing massage. It’s one of the safest oils to use on your skin.





This Silver Rain toner by Magic Organic Apothecary is a blend of silver fir, colloidal silver, yarrow, clary sage and thyme which can be used as a pillow spray, yoga mat cleanser (fir needle is antibacterial/viral) and of course as a toner after cleansing which will leave your skin looking super dewy.






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IvoryFir needle essential oil in the December BLUE Ivory Gloss box

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