Meditation for the Full Moon in Aquarius, July 24th, 2021


You may have noticed there are TWO Aquarian full moons this year which is only fair considering it’s the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and everything. Tonight’s full moon in Aquarius is the perfect time to connect to your higher self. Next month’s full moon on the 22nd of August will be the time to receive any insights.


A meditation for the full moon in Aquarius, 24th July, 2021


You can practise this meditation any time. Sit in a meditative position holding the amethyst crystal from last month’s Ivory Gloss in your hand. Close your eyes and allow your breath to deepen as you relax your shoulders and elongate your spine. 





Visualise your higher self as a ball of light floating above your head. As you breathe out, the ball of light drops down your spine into the earth. As you breathe in, the ball of light rises back up your spine and into the top of your head.


Continue breathing and relaxing your shoulders as the ball of light travels up and down your spine. When you are ready, visualise the ball of light turning purple and expanding outwards and up into the sky. Give thanks to your higher self.


Of course, wherever Aquarius is on your chart will be where you’ll feel the magic of these two moons. tonight’s full moon may give you some insights into what that magic is.



Amethyst crystal calms, clarifies and helps keep your vibration high. Use it to help connect to your higher self and expand your mind’s eye.






The next Ivory Gloss is out now and includes a gorgeous citrine necklace for the new moon in Leo…








IvoryMeditation for the Full Moon in Aquarius, July 24th, 2021

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