Full Moon in Aries, October 20th, 2021


Aligning most perfectly with a super high energy Mars-Pluto square, the Aries full moon on Wednesday the 20th of October, 2021 offers us the opportunity to rise up, break free and positively transform any areas of life that could do with a little improvement. 


Is there a challenge you’ve been keen to step up to or a habit you’d like to break? Maybe there’s something important you wanted to do that would take all your might to achieve?





Lucky Jupiter in a sextile to the full moon in Aries offers good fortune when rising to the task. If you can find ways to channel all this energy into something positive you’ll be sure to enjoy great results.


If you DO find yourself buckling under the pressure or faced with an impossible opponent, simply work on grounding yourself whilst releasing whatever it is that no longer serves you. This full moon should help shine a light on your options, either way.



Hematite crystal in the October Ivory Gloss box 


Hematite crystal healing properties – grounding, protective, encourages inner strength, resilience, a warrior spirit.




Hematite is such a great crystal to work with under an Aries full moon as charged as this one because it reminds us of our inner strength and ability to face challenges head on. 


Physically these magnetic rocks are pretty heavy literally drawing you down to the earth beneath you. Hematite crystal is sometimes described as a type of armour, preparing you for battle. During times of intensity wear hematite to stay calm and grounded, anchored and safe.





Last month’s BLUE Ivory Gloss featured a gorgeous hematite crystal bracelet for the full moon in Aries, a bloodstone tumblestone for the new moon in Libra, rose quartz crystal incense sticks, The Salt Parlour ‘Repair’ body scrub, an Ecosenz candle in ‘Aries’ and a RawVelo energy bar.

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Meditation for the full moon in Aries


You can practise this meditation during the build up to the Aries full moon on the 20th of October, 2021, or at any time you feel the need to tap into your inner strength and resilience.


Sit in a meditative position with the hematite bracelet around your wrist or placed on the earth next to you. As you begin to deepen the breath, focus on the bottom of your spine grounding down into the earth.


On the in-breath, gently elongate your spine and relax your shoulders. On the out-breath, melt your body into the earth imagining roots growing down from the base of your spine. Continue this visualisation for a few more breaths.


When you are ready, think of a time when you remained calm and strong during a challenging situation. Create a vision in your mind’s eye of this moment. Check into the emotions you felt along with the senses, sounds, sights and smells.


As you visualise and feel yourself in that moment of time, choose a symbol to represent it. Take a moment to connect this image to that feeling of strength and resilience. During challenging times, visualise this image to help channel these emotions.





Jupiter and Mercury Direct


To add the pedal to the metal at this potent Aries full moon, Jupiter and Mercury have just started moving direct after their inward-looking retrograde phases.


It can take a little while for a planet to get back to speed in its movement across the chart, but by the full moon almost ALL planets in our solar system will be in direct motion, an occasion that doesn’t often come about.


You should now find it much easier to move forwards in all areas of your life. Plans that may have felt delayed, stuck or even confusing will now begin to fall together effortlessly.



Halloween boxes


Just a little note that the Halloween box covering November astrology is out this week! We are currently at capacity for our subscription boxes but you will soon be able to order the November BLUE box from the online shop along with a special GOLD Halloween box… watch this space 🎃



the lovely Hannah packing this month’s subscription boxes



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IvoryFull Moon in Aries, October 20th, 2021

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