Full Moon in Scorpio, April 27th, 2021


Get ready for the full moon in Scorpio! 🌕  This one is known as the PINK moon and is also a supermoon which means she’s close to the earth and therefore extra wonderful.


Of all the moons the Scorpio full moon is most mysterious and can help you get to the root of a matter and release it, like a deep sea diver searching for pearls you may find yourself sifting through some murky depths to reach the treasures below.


This year the pink moon ties into the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square which colours 2021. As with all full moons she will also likely bring things to a head…


Astrological aspects for the full moon in Scorpio, April 2021


The sun and Uranus in Taurus will be opposite the moon in Scorpio along with a stellium of heavenly bodies including Venus, Mercury and Black Moon Lilith.


While this tips the balance towards a Taurean energy, taskmaster Saturn creates a T-square with Uranus, Venus, Mercury, the sun and moon so we are in for some some interesting and electrifying developments, some of them romantic or financial, most of them unexpected.


This is an amazing time for change but not without its challenges. The ongoing Uranus-Saturn square activated at this full moon marks a time where restrictions must be lifted, and if not, then they’ll probably be strongly rebelled against.



Don’t stress though, we should find ourselves sailing through any challenges with ease thanks to Mars, planet of energy, drive and fight who will be in a super positive trine aspect to this full moon.


Find the strength to recognise what needs to go, what needs an upgrade and ultimately what will allow you to move forwards.


We should also start to see some movement and developments on a global scale to do with technology, AI, anything ruled by waves which will disrupt the old and outdated structures which although can feel safe can often keep us stuck.


Welcome to the age of Aquarius!


Pluto the ruler of Scorpio stations retrograde


Pluto will station retrograde on the same day as the full moon and reactivate the ongoing Neptune-Pluto sextile, a super healing and transformative aspect which also plays out this year.


Any time a planet stations direct or retrograde we feel its energy more intensely, so yes, this full moon (ruled by Pluto) is a biggie and you will probably feel it quite deeply, but it’s also an amazing chance to transform your life for the better.


Black obsidian for the Scorpio full moon


In the April BLUE Ivory Gloss box the crystal for the Scorpio full moon was black obsidian. In this case she came in the form of a panda and is probably the cutest rock you can get.



Black obsidian is said to draw out mental stress and tension, protect against negativity and help dissolve emotional blockages from old traumas. The panda as a totem inspires tranquil determination, strength and solid personal boundaries to feel safe and grounded in life.


Both are believed to promote strength and compassion.


Here’s a little technique you can use to work with this intense Scorpio full moon energy:


A meditation for the full moon in Scorpio, April 2021


Before you begin, make a list of everything you wish to let go of. Sit in a meditative position holding your black obsidian and focus on the idea of releasing whatever it is you no longer need.


When you are ready, read each item on your list and let the negative energy flow out of you and into the black obsidian. Tear up the list and flush it away or burn it safely.


Wrap your obsidian in a black cloth and keep it in a dark place until the next full moon when you can clear its energy and thank it for its help.


Did you know that psychotherapists use this technique as a form of minimising worries during CBT (but probably without the crystal!) Isn’t it way nicer to have a little totem to help you with your worries. It’s all in the mind, right? 💙


Happy full moon!


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IvoryFull Moon in Scorpio, April 27th, 2021

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