Full moon in Scorpio, May 7th, 2020


Thursday’s full moon is known as the Flower Moon. This year she’s perfectly aligned with a super-positive alignment between Mercury, Chiron and Neptune and is also a supermoon which means everything is amplified.


Neptune is the planet of art, spirituality, the soul, glamour, mysticism, illusions, mind-bending substances, dreams. As he forms a sextile aspect with quick-footed Mercury who rules the mind, communications and travel, we can expect a flourishing of creativity.

Healing energy

With the addition of Chiron the wounded healer the next few days are likely to be an emotional time, a serious case of the feels, but with some amazingly positive and enlightening results.

Now would be the ideal time to spend on spiritual practices, particularly those involving communicating your feelings. Journaling or talking with a close friend or counsellor are also great ways to use this energy.

Watch out for dreams and hints that appear as if by magic, at just the right time, bringing with them a sense of grace. Also watch out for the release of any negative emotions that may have become stuck. Allow the feelings to rise up and for your mind to process them. You can be sure it will do you long-term good.

Snowflake obsidian

The crystal for this full moon in last month’s BLUE Ivory Gloss box was snowflake obsidian. Volcanic in origin, snowflake obsidian is a purifying stone that helps cool off intense situations.



If emotions rise to the surface as they likely will this full moon, meditate with snowflake Obsidian to help examine and heal any negative thought patterns. Whatever comes up can be released in a beautiful way due to this distinctly healing energy between Neptune and Chiron.

Meditate with the sacral chakra

If you’re an artist, a musician, a writer, or simply planning on creating something magical, now would be a good time to tune into the energy of the sacral chakra. This is the second chakra at the pelvis which relates to creativity, emotions and sexuality.

Working with the sacral chakra will help you to connect to the flowing energy between Neptune and Mercury in order to create something beautiful. Visualise a tiny orange light in your pelvis filling your body with creative energy.

Patchouli works best with the sacral chakra so to enhance your meditation light the candle from last month’s box (unless you’ve already burned it 🙃)


The next box BLUE Ivory Gloss box is out soon



IvoryFull moon in Scorpio, May 7th, 2020

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