Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, July 5th, 2020


Tomorrow morning’s Thunder Moon (5.45am GMT, also known as the Buck Moon) is the final lunar eclipse in the Capricorn-Cancer sequence offering us a chance to release the past and let go of anything holding us back.



The good news is this lunar eclipse is beautifully aspected. It’s next to fixed stars which bring luck, success and a happy domestic life, and it’s also tied in with the mega powerful Jupiter-Pluto conjunction (even though both are retrograde along with Mercury who will be direct again from the 12th of July).

The eclipse is also positively aligned in a trine with Uranus suggesting excitement and (ever the optimist) possible miracles.

The bad news is it’s still a lunar eclipse and therefore a super-powered full moon with the sun and moon in opposition. Emotions and situations will likely come to a head, potentially in a dramatic or electrifying way.

A lunar eclipse happens when the moon is full (the sun is directly opposite the moon) and its light is blocked by the earth’s shadow. It represents a resetting of emotions, a clearing away of the emotional baggage of the last six months. 

The symbolism of the earth blocking out the moon suggests a sort of intensified dark phase where we are able to access hidden gems in our unconscious by sifting through the murk that lies beneath.


Ivory Gloss BLUE box July black onyx and selenite moon crystals


Selenite moon and black onyx from last month’s BLUE Ivory Gloss



At the time of an eclipsed full moon (when we should be basking in the moonlight) we’re asked to look deeper, to release anything that might be holding us back and to spend time contemplating what that might be. 

Hidden pieces of information and revelations are ready to pop through the surface, and yet, we aren’t quite sure of what they mean or how we are supposed to work with them. 

Most importantly, to receive these insights we have to allow all those stuck emotions to bubble up from the unconscious into the physical world to be processed.


South Node Eclipse


This eclipse in Capricorn is at the south node and linked to the past rather than where we’re heading (the north node). It’s also the final eclipse along the Capricorn-Cancer axis before we find ourselves firmly planted in the Gemini-Sagittarius series. 

This makes it quite clearly a time for endings. 

Eclipses are renowned for shifting us back along the path of fate. They’re energy is super amplified and with the moon representing our innermost feelings, even our childhood, they can sometimes lead to emotional conflicts and crises that drain your energy.

Therefore it’s a time to be gentle with yourself, to look after your inner world and that of those around you.

A nice way to work with this energy is to focus on gratitude for those who have cared for you in the past. You might also like to work with the inner child archetype, or journal through any anxieties or fears that arise from past experiences with an aim to find a way to forgive.

You may be feeling emotionally vulnerable at the moment or even a little overwhelmed. Allow yourself to feel! Acceptance of these difficult emotions is important at a lunar eclipse as to tap into these hidden gems of wisdom that are now available, we need to access these feelings.


Black Onyx Crystal


The crystal for the lunar eclipse in last month’s Ivory Gloss box was black onyx which can be used to face anxieties and cope with emotional upheaval and change.

black onyx crystal for the Capricorn full moon lunar eclipse from Ivory Gloss

Black onyx crystal offers protection and security when facing overwhelming emotions, particularly fear. It also helps provide clarity, and when paired with white crystals such as the selenite moon from last month’s box, it helps to bring greater harmony. 

Sit with black onyx to help ground you as you work through any difficult emotions you may be facing.


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If you’d like to read up a bit more about eclipses and this particular sequence please see my previous post here.


IvoryFull Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, July 5th, 2020

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