Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, November 30th, 2020


Tomorrow morning at 9.30am we have a lunar eclipse in Gemini. Lunar eclipses bring closure and tend to clear the path for something better. Maybe it’s a way of life, a relationship or something as subtle as an attitude or belief system.


It’s also a time of heightened emotions (this is a super-charged full moon after all) with new insights and urges often appearing out of nowhere. You may find yourself having a change of heart which significantly alters the course of your life.


Whatever takes place just keep in mind you’re being prepared for a magnificent new beginning. Aim to find ways to gracefully release your grip.


Gemini-Sagittarius Eclipse Series 2020 – 2021


Gemini is ruled by quick-footed Mercury and loves all things to do with communication. The shadow side is gossip and information overload so this could be a time when you’re running your mouth off or in need of a digital detox.


Sagittarius is always searching for something, often through a goal, mission or philosophy that gives life meaning. Ruled by optimistic Jupiter he is spontaneous and intuitive, although the shadow side can be tactless and arrogant.


With the Gemini-Sagittarius eclipse cycle we’re focused on the facts, the details and the day-to-day communication versus our belief systems, philosophy and the overall meaning that can get lost when you get down to the nitty gritty.


Since this cycle won’t end until December 2021 you should see major developments in the way you process and share information over the upcoming year. This weekend, you’ll start to understand what needs to go to make space.


Of course, the placements in your birth chart drawn at the exact minute you were born can give the real insights as to where the current eclipse cycle will affect you, but everyone will experience some life lessons played out through the energy of these signs.





I wrote about the last sequence (Cancer-Capricorn) earlier this year but in a nutshell eclipses show us where you need to direct your energy for your soul to progress. They keep you on route towards a happy and fulfilled life.


This is why eclipses are renowned for pushing you out of your comfort zone and back along the path of fate, your soul path, to focus on the areas you must grow and are therefore probably avoiding(!) For example, maybe you need to leave the country but a bad relationship is keeping you stuck, or you want to write a book but keep procrastinating by over-researching the topic.


Despite the possibility of a little upheaval, after an eclipse you will come closer to who you are, how you got here (your south node), and where you’re going next (the north node). Even if things change quickly, keep in mind these steps are needed in order to be truly happy.


North Node Eclipse


This full moon lunar eclipse in Gemini falls on the 30th of November at 9.30am GMT and is a north node eclipse with the moon falling a few degrees away from the north node in Gemini.


The north node is about the future, embracing the new, moving out of your comfort zone. This Gemini eclipse, although focusing on endings is also about seeing things in a completely new light. It has an expansive energy to it.


You know you’re taking a step (however difficult) towards a better future when you experience a north node eclipse. What can you put a stop to that will improve your life in the future?


Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter square Mars


Eclipses certainly have an intensifying effect but this year, with the ongoing Saturn Pluto Jupiter square Mars series about to occur for the final time in this sequence, we are living right within a huge energetic shift, one that will go down in history.


This destructive energy has been playing out all year with the focus on Capricorn which is government, structures, rules and regulations. Right now, the whole world is ridding itself of old structures in preparation for the new. With the dawn of the Aquarian age approaching, we’re really in the peak of the unravelling, the destruction of the old to make space for the new.


Neptune Moves Direct


There are a few other things happening in the sky right now that suggest heightened sensitivity and intuition, empowering dreams, and higher messages at our disposal, especially so with Neptune moving direct at the same time.


Neptune is currently in an uplifting sextile to Pluto and Jupiter, and with his return to forward direction today we get a gorgeous wave of ethereal energy which could quite possibly uplift humanity. It’s your job to tap into this energy! Raise your vibration this December. 💙


Venus and Uranus will be in opposition at this lunar eclipse which adds to this idea of intuitive insights. Please listen to your dreams and any random thoughts that pop up. This super spiritual energy suggests there could also be shocks involving love and money. It’s an electrifying energy that pulls us from all angles.



Fixed stars


The Gemini lunar eclipse aligns with Aldebaran, the brightest star in the constellation of Taurus, and is opposite Antares in Scorpio. Aldebaran is the eye of the bull and brings honour and success particularly in wealth but it can also cause stress, anxiety, riots and revolution. Antares is the heart of the Scorpion and said to make people rash and destructive.


As you can imagine, this dynamic is a little combative and suggests anarchy and revolution, but combined they can also bring amazing levels of creativity and success with business.


Tap into your higher self and listen to your intuition as to how to navigate this eclipse. You should be able to see big improvements in your finances and love life if you pay attention and act accordingly.


BLUE Ivory Gloss


Just a quick note about the next BLUE Ivory Gloss box. Subscriptions for new lovelies are now open and although we’ll be sending them out before Christmas the astrology is for January and the postal delays are kind of severe right now so I can’t guarantee they’ll arrive before the 25th.


However, if you’re looking for a Christmas gift you might like this super festive GOLD gift box I put together based around the upcoming full moon in Cancer at the very end of December. It includes a meditation for world peace and rainbow moonstone so you can end 2020 in style.





IvoryFull Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, November 30th, 2020

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