Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, June 5th, 2020


This year’s Strawberry Moon is a powerful Lunar Eclipse opposite Venus (retrograde) square both Neptune and Mars.




Eclipses herald dramatic events where we’re shifted along our karmic path. The lunar eclipse on the 5th of June, 2020, is tied up in an exact T-square between Mars, the Sun and the Moon, which can make us feel edgy and irritable, if not on the full-blown war path.

Neptune is in a loose conjunction with Mars which can hold a veil up against reality or hide crucial information.

Optimistic Sagittarius (where the eclipsed full moon will be) is always searching for something – often through a goal, mission or philosophy that gives life meaning. The opposite sign of Gemini (the Sun) is all about communication, gathering information and sharing it.

Furious views are rapidly expressed under this energy because of the placement of the Sun and retrograde Venus in talkative Gemini.



Whatever is going on in your own chart at around 15 degrees Sagittarius is going to hold the key to where these big changes will begin for you personally. (If you’re not sure how to read your chart, please find me on Instagram for my free mini birth chart readings.)

Venus retrograde was a traditional indication of war and with Mars the ruler of this eclipse you might find you verbalise your fury all a little too quickly. Just proceed with caution.

A great way to balance this energy would be to find ways to tap into your heart and intuition rather than losing yourself in the collective rage.

With retrograde Venus square Neptune the way you feel about a situation and what you think would be the right thing to do can also be conflicted. Neptune rules pandemics so it could be in other ways this energy flares up.


Venus retrograde conjunct the Sun, the ‘rebirth of Venus’

Venus became a morning star when she was ‘reborn’ on the 3rd of June. The rebirth of Venus happens when Venus retrograde conjuncts the Sun and symbolically sinks into the underworld.

The ancients believed her manifestation in the morning rose men to war, while her evening presence enticed them to bed.

Another interesting fact – the movement of Venus through the skies as she completes her cyclical retrogrades over eight years creates the beautiful pattern of a rose.



This rebirth of Venus on the 3rd of June was the beginning of a new eight year ‘rose’ of love, romance, money, beauty and everything that makes you feel good. Depending on where Gemini is in your chart, a new journey of the heart will now begin.

In an ideal world try not to commit to anything or make any big decisions until Venus is out of retrograde after the 25th of June, or even better, when she is out of shadow at the very end of July.

With retrograde energy the key is to think of how you can ‘re-‘ the areas of your life that are governed by that planet. Reassess, rebuild, rethink, review or any other ways you can think of that involves re-doing things.

Venus retrograde means you may be rethinking your love life, your finances, what you desire or even something like your beauty routine or your look. For the time being, simply reassess and review.


South Node Eclipse

As the eclipse on Friday is at the South Node (our past) rather than the North Node (our destiny) it’s ultimately a time to let the past go.

This eclipse can also be a great time to begin to create a new future. There’s a lovely sextile between Mercury and Uranus happening at this eclipse which can bring flashes of insight, new discoveries and creations brought about by genius.





To firmly place yourself on the correct side of this energy try channeling it into something creative, something productive that can direct all this fire into a constructive cause. In fact, creativity should be at an all time high because of the link between Neptune and Venus.

Just don’t stop asking yourself the question, How can I do this in a controlled, calm, neutral and loving manner?

Another way to keep on top of this energy is to focus on forgiveness and work on soothing the energy of Mars and Neptune by practising something altruistic.

Mars conjunct Neptune is exact on the 12th of June and a great time for spiritual activities like yoga, meditation or charity work. What it’s not so great at is focusing the mind, so aim to swim in the waters of spirituality and creativity instead.


BLUE Ivory Gloss 

The crystal for this full moon in last month’s BLUE Ivory Gloss box was Aquamarine which can help your heart soften to those who have wronged you.

Apologies if you missed the last meditation because of postal delays! Next month’s box will have two new moons in Cancer and from July onwards we are going to start with the full moon at the beginning of the month so there is plenty of time for your box to arrive.

Also please don’t forget to wait a few days until you first see the crescent moon in the sky before working with new moon energy. The exact moment the Sun and Moon are conjunct at a new moon is technically still the dark phase.

For this Friday’s full moon eclipse, charge your Aquamarine on the evening of the full moon. Write a list of everyone who you feel may have wronged you and thank each one in turn for teaching you how to forgive. As you work through the list, repeat the words, ‘I forgive you, I’m sorry, and I love you’.


The next BLUE Ivory Gloss box is out on the 22nd of June


IvoryFull Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, June 5th, 2020

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