Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, May 26th, 2021


Yesterday my flat got hit by a real life lightning bolt ⚡ The whole room boomed and flashed and there was this mad surge of energy coming down the aerial which blew out my TV and the whole block’s wifi. Remember when you were told to unplug the TV as a child during a thunderstorm? Well yeah, apparently that’s still a thing!





Anyway, we are now in the lead up to the Sagittarius full moon eclipse which also happens to be this year’s Flower Moon, a time to shift back onto the karmic path from which you may have stumbled.



All eclipses are renowned for pushing us out of our comfort zones and back along the path of fate, but a FULL MOON eclipse brings closure. It cleanses and clarifies and helps us see what to let go in order to be truly happy.



Sagittarius energy is all about travel and expanding the mind. This particular full moon eclipse is caught up in a great big T-square with expansive Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius. This makes it even more supercharged.



The next seven days are a time for adventure, but also for closure and release. Be sure to maintain an open mind and release the reins as you fire out those Sagittarius arrows to newer and nobler pursuits.



Here’s a meditation practice you can try in the lead up to the Sagittarius eclipse…





Sit in a meditative position in front of the selenite mountain from last month’s astrology box. As you focus on the breath, relax your shoulders and allow your mind to quieten.



Visualise anything holding you back as a heavy weight weighing down on your shoulders.



Now imagine a white light shining out from the selenite crystal clearing away anything no longer needed, leaving positivity and clarity in its place.



A little tip – it’s better not to charge your crystals during a full moon eclipse as the energy is a little off. It’s a great time to cleanse them, but try not to leave them out in the moonlight.



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IvoryFull Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, May 26th, 2021

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