How to use crystal rune stones


Rune stones are a fun way to unleash your inner viking and receive messages from the gods 🍭  Simply grab a few rune stones from the velvet pouch, roll them onto a cloth-covered surface then use your intuition to put the meanings together in your life.


Scroll down to see the meaning of each rune stone and different techniques you can use to read them.


Crystal rune stone readings


There are a few different ways you can use rune stones. The most favoured are the three rune, five rune or nine rune casts, but you can also work with individual rune stones and their meanings to bring the energies of the rune into your life.


Three rune cast


Three rune readings are known as the Norns cast. Have a question in your mind and pull out three runes from the velvet pouch and roll them onto your cloth. Place one of them on the left, one in the middle and one to the right.


The first rune shows the issue you are facing, the second rune the challenges you are facing and the third rune the actions you might like to take. This cast can also be read as past, present and future.


Five rune cast


For the five rune cast, ask a question as you select your runes from the velvet pouch. Create a cross by placing your first rune in the centre, the second to the left (west) the third to the top (north) the fourth to the bottom (south) and the fifth to the right (east).



The three runes in a horizontal position (rune 2, 1, and 5) represent your past, present, and future. The rune below the central rune (4) shows what elements of the issue need to be accepted. The rune at the top (3) shows what help you could receive in relation to your issue.


Nine rune cast


This reading is a bit more in depth and uses your intuition to figure out your spiritual path and what to do next. While you pick out your runes from the  velvet pouch think about what you really want from life, hold onto them for a moment then scatter them on the cloth.


Take a look at your runes. The runes near the centre will relate most to your current situation while the runes on the edges are less important. If runes are close together or touching they are read as complementing influences. Any runes on opposite ends of the cloth can be read as opposing influences.


Once you have become more used to the techniques you can try adding different layers to your readings.


When runes land upside down


Pay attention first to the runes that landed face up. Then turn around the ones that landed upside down keeping them in their same position. The upside down runes represent future influences and show new possibilities.


Manifesting with crystal rune stones


Here’s a little manifesting trick using one of the crystal rune stones from the April box. Keep Fehu (pronounced fay-hoo) in your pocket for extra luck when it comes to attracting money 💰



Fehu means ‘cattle’ which of course equalled wealth in Viking times. This symbol reminds you to focus on gratitude and count your blessings so that more abundance can flow to you. Yes please! You can also meditate on an abundance visualisation while holding this rune.


Crystal rune stones and their meanings





Protection / divine energy / healing






‘a god’ / inspiration






‘Birch goddess’ / sanctuary / growth / birth







‘Day’ / truth / awakening





‘Horse’ / teamwork / sex






Kundalini / initiation / mysteries of life






‘Cattle’ / wealth / money






‘Gift’ / exchange






‘Sun’ / life force / victory





‘Seed’ / germination / earth






Creativity / light




‘Lake’ / emotions / dreams






‘Man’ / intellect / mind






Lessons / friction / crisis






Inheritance / legacy / family






Chance / fate / luck






Journey / adventure






‘Hail stone’ / crisis / change






Law / justice / honour






Fight / weapon / strength






Joy / friendship / hope






Manifesting / life force / magic






Harvest / rewards






‘Ice’ / stillness / pause






Face your fears!




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