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Whether a complete beginner or super zen and at one with your spiritual self, Ivory Gloss boxes provide key ingredients to help you over that first hurdle on the path towards inner peace.


Our monthly BLUE box is based around current planetary energies with tips & meditations for the following moon cycle, essential oils, teas, crystals, candles, vegan beauty, self-care, snacks, smudge & other celestial delights.


Check out an unboxing video for the BLUE subscription box here


A lot of people ask me ‘Why the name Ivory?’ and as much as I love elephants, conservationism wasn’t the initial reason I chose Ivory as a business name. Instead it was the symbolism. The word Ivory is full of duality. It’s a beautiful, strong material (when attached to its rightful owner, of course) and it has spiritual connotations as part of the elephant, but it’s also a reminder of the work we need to do.



When I started Ivory Gloss in 2018 I wanted to create something that helped bring a little calm into people’s lives and came up with the idea of a monthly subscription box with a step-by-step meditation inside. Since then the monthly boxes have taken on an astrological vibe with the original versions now available as one-off GOLD boxes in the online shop.


Like many, I was drawn to astrology and natural energy as a means to give my life some kind of meaning. As well as including a guide to the following month’s astrology in the BLUE box I also offer one-on-one birth chart readings. Please email me if you’re interested 🙂


Email – info@ivorygloss.com




IvoryIvory Gloss subscription box

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