Magic Organic Apothecary Founder Charlie Fowler on a few of her Favourite Things

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Charlie Fowler, founder of Magic Organic Apothecary, created her range of vegan beauty products with inspiration from old herbal folklore and the healing abilities of yarrow, Achillea millefolium, named after the Greek hero Achilles who was said to use yarrow to heal wounds on the battlefield.


Charlie Fowler founder of Magic Organic Apothecary


Magic Organic Apothecary Fortifying Green Bath Potion features in the Ivory Gloss Mala Meditation Kit from the Ivory Gloss online shop where it comes in a ‘bath shot’ which is basically a cute, green, glass bottle of peppermint, fennel and fir needle essential oils.



Charlie Fowler, founder of Magic Organic Apothecary, on a few of her favourite things…


Essential oil

Impossible to choose, because very much depends on my mood and there are so many which I adore!  However, I would like to choose clary sage at this moment in time, it’s so calming, woody and herbaceous and I’ve used it in the blend for my new mist toner which is launching soon.

Clary sage helps to relieve stress and harmonises female hormones, it takes its name from the Latin word “clarus” which means clear and is often used for tired or strained eyes and for clear vision, including the third eye…it can enhance dream and visionary work, so magical!


I love all my crystals, but I especially love the way quartz crystals reflect the light and my aqua aura quartz captures iridescent light which is really beautiful, I have an aqua aura pendulum crystal which has just popped into my mind.


I find a lot of relaxation and relief in bathing at this time of the year, so right now it’s our Dreamy Mineral Bath Soak, which contains lavender essential oil, one of my favourite calming, nurturing herbs, I have lots of this wonderful flower in my garden and the bees go mad for it too.

These bath salts also include spicy cardamom essential oil, which is so delicious smelling (I love adding it to hot drinks and smoothies too) and salts baths are highly therapeutic and healing.


If it doesn’t bring you joy, then get rid! This is quite needed in my household, as I seem to attract stuff and it’s a good mantra to follow.

Biggest accomplishment

Being with my husband for twenty years and my two children, they are getting quite big now and it’s been exhausting, but we laugh a lot and they are all pretty awesome.



Hello Sunshine in the Ivory Gloss solar plexus chakra box, which also includes a palo santo & citrine crystal bundle



Future plans

I plan to make more time for my art, I feel out of practise and want to create more illustrations and designs, I feel they are all stuck in my head at the moment!  I draw and design the packaging designs, and I plan to make some prints soon too.


A move to Somerset, been trying to sell our house for a long time, I have been manifesting a lot!  We want to live where my husband and I grew up, we miss the creative vibe in the South west.


Yoga and running outdoors in nature (one or the other as can’t fit them both in around work and kids), but gardening and pottering in the sunshine is the ultimate relaxation for me.

Sun, moon and rising sign

Cancer, Aquarius and Sagittarius.



Have you seen our astrology subscription box?




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IvoryMagic Organic Apothecary Founder Charlie Fowler on a few of her Favourite Things

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