Blue Moon in Aquarius, August 22nd, 2021


Tonight’s full moon conjunct Jupiter is a blue moon, the second Aquarian full moon of the year. There are so many lovely alignments taking place this weekend that some astrologers are describing it as the BEST FULL MOON OF 2021.


Mars and Mercury are currently joined in earthy Virgo and aligned in a trine with Uranus. Your income, business, assets and/or finances should get a boost with something surprisingly indulgent coming your way.





In fact, there will be plenty of new ways to bring abundance into your life. Your intuition should be working on overdrive so pay attention to any synchronicities and signs that may pop up and write them down if possible.


To add weight to your dreams, Saturn will trine Venus and the north node to form a grand air trine. Now is the time to cement something special be it a relationship, a dream or a business deal. Nice!



Meditation for the blue moon in Aquarius, August 22nd, 2021


You can practise this meditation at any time but the energy will be strongest in the lead up to the full moon which peaks Sunday 22nd at 1pm, GMT.


Keep a pen and paper by your side. Holding the labradorite from last month’s Ivory Gloss sit in a meditative position with your palms facing upwards to receive. 





Bring your awareness to the spine and visualise a bright, white light rising up from the earth and into the crown of your head. On the exhale, imagine the light travelling back down your spine and into the earth beneath you.


Continue following the breath and meditating on the column of light in your spine. When you are ready, imagine the white light beaming upwards into the sky in a single column.


As you breathe in, your intuition levels increase. As you breathe out, golden stars fall down from the sky and into the top of your head.


Continue visualising your intuition increasing and the insights falling down into the crown of your head. Meditate on a feeling of gratitude for the new insights you are receiving.


When you are ready, bring your awareness back into the room and open your eyes. Write down the first things that come to mind. If you are not sure how to start journaling, start your sentence with, ‘If my soul could speak it would tell me…’


Be sure to leave your crystals out tonight under this gorgeous blue moon. 



Labradorite crystal


Labradorite crystal is one of the best for enhancing creativity and intuition. If you are creating art, keep a piece of labradorite crystal around to help stimulate your imagination. 





Labradorite is also a great crystal to use if you feel stressed and overworked and finding it hard to connect to your spiritual self. It can also be used as a protective stone.



Still not subscribed…?


September Ivory Gloss is out now and includes serpentine crystal for the new moon in Virgo and sodalite crystal for the full moon in Pisces. Only a few spaces left…








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IvoryBlue Moon in Aquarius, August 22nd, 2021

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