Meditation for the Full Moon in Gemini


Here’s a meditation to help raise your vibes and bathe you in healing light over the festive season. Venus has just begun her 40-day retrograde. Her ongoing conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn will become exact once again on Christmas Day.


On Christmas eve the ongoing square between Saturn and Uranus is triggered once more. You don’t need the stars to tell you that this symbolises a fight between restrictions and freedom.


With Uranus further out in our solar system than Saturn all signs indicate that freedom will win. To help this come about it’s all about raising your vibrations and focusing on the greater good of humanity, which is what Christmas is all about, right?! ⭐



Meditation for the full moon in Gemini using golden healer quartz crystal


Sit in a meditative position with the golden healer quartz from last month’s Ivory Gloss box in your hand or lie down with the crystal resting on your third eye. Relax your entire body starting from the top of your head moving down towards the tips of your toes. Focus on the breath and continue to relax.


When you are ready, visualise a warm, golden light surrounding you. You can imagine golden stars descending from the heavens, or angels with their arms outstretched pouring this healing light onto you. Allow this healing energy to flood your system. Focus on gratitude.



The January box is now available from the online shop and we hope to open subscriptions again after Christmas, hoorah!





IvoryMeditation for the Full Moon in Gemini

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