Meditation for the Full Moon in Pisces


The full moon in Pisces aligns with Pluto, Mercury and Jupiter to help enhance your intuition, bringing creativity to your communications and a wave of heightened emotions. Try working with sodalite at this full moon, a soothing blue crystal that can help you find your truth.


To stay in the spirit of Pisces, this month’s meditation was designed to be practised submerged in water. If you don’t have a bathtub, lake or seaside available, lying in a meditative position with your hands and legs slightly apart will work just fine. 🌟


Before you begin, sit with your sodalite crystal (don’t get it wet) and set an intention for your meditation. You might like to try something along the lines of receiving fresh insights, solving a problem that’s been bugging you or simply soothing your worries. The choice is totally up to you.


Place the sodalite crystal close to you and imagine you are floating in a magical pool of water deep within a forest. As you feel the soothing water surround you imagine you are being cleansed of all negativity.


Focus on relaxing your body and releasing any negativity as you breathe deeply. When you are ready, visualise the water in the pool glowing gold as you sense the presence of your spirit guide who wants to approach you with a gift. Accept it with gratitude. 🌟


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Sodalite crystal healing energy for the full moon in Pisces


Sodalite crystal was featured in the September 2021 Ivory Gloss box. Sodalite is used to bring emotional calm and balance. It’s also a good stone for the throat chakra and said to enhance self-acceptance and release negative thought patterns. Working with sodalite crystal can help you find your truth and encourages wisdom and a boost in self-esteem.






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IvoryMeditation for the Full Moon in Pisces

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