Meditation for the New Moon in Capricorn, 2nd January, 2022


The new moon in Capricorn is JUST what is needed to help kick start the New Year. Here’s a meditation to practise when making your new moon intentions using the peach moonstone crystal from January’s Ivory Gloss.


Sit in a meditative position holding your peach moonstone crystal and make an intention to bring something new into creation. You can try journaling if you aren’t sure what to focus on.


When you are ready, place the crystal in your lap and begin to deepen your breath. Watch any thoughts float past like clouds and relax your shoulders while elongating the spine.


Visualise your goal as having already happened. What does it feel like? What sounds can you hear? What sensations do you feel? Bring as many feelings and emotions into your visualisation as possible.


As you continue to meditate on your goal, begin to direct your breath into the sacral chakra. Visualise a spinning orange light below the navel at the perineum. On each in-breath the bright orange light expands and fills your body. On the out-breath feel your body continue to relax.


You can try chanting the mantra ‘Vam’ or repeating in your head, ‘I trust my feelings and allow myself to express them.’


When your body is filled with orange light, turn your focus back to your goal, imagining it once again as having already come true. Continue to focus on the feelings for as long as possible, breathing deeply and continuing to relax. When you have finished, visualise the orange light returning to the size of a fairy light.


Sometimes when visualising goals uncomfortable emotions can begin to surface. If this happens, pay attention to these sensations and write them down after you’ve finished meditating. You can then work with EFT to help shift these blocks which are probably holding you back from achieving your goals.


ALSO when making your new moon intentions this month you might like to wait until the end of this week to tap into the beautiful Venus Neptune sextile, the perfect aspect for imagining your dreams coming true.







IvoryMeditation for the New Moon in Capricorn, 2nd January, 2022

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