Mercury Retrograde in Libra, 2021


This weekend Mercury is stationary ready to retrograde through the sign of Libra. Hopefully you haven’t launched anything important during his pre-shadow phase, but if not, don’t stress ⭐  Just realise you may feel a little differently once Mercury has retraced his steps next month.


To add a some intensity to the confusion, Mercury began slowing down just as he made a tense square to Pluto. This means the energy of transformative Pluto will be active throughout the retrograde period.


Place your focus on the immense possibility for healing and spiritual transformation available right now and aim not to get into any important new discussions or financial deals until at least November.


If you do have anything important lined up just be prepared that communications may become tense so try to keep as cool as possible. Keep things loose and flexible, your own mindset included!


On a more positive note, this is an excellent time to think about your relationships, partnerships and how you interact with others. It’s also a good time to release any negative thought patterns that no longer serve you.


Wherever Libra is in your chart will benefit from a deep review. If possible you may like to try some energy work such as EFT or reiki to help break through any negative blocks. Mercury Retrograde square Pluto is great for getting to the bottom of things and releasing them once and for all. Go gently… ❤️


Mercury also rules transportation and with obsessive Pluto involved it’s no surprise things have gone haywire with HGVs and all sorts of transportation issues this week. Panic buying of fuel and disruptions within logistics are just some of the thing to come…





Just a note to let you know that in the spirit of Mercury retrograde some of the October boxes have been a little delayed by Royal Mail but I’m expecting them to start arriving today and for them all to arrive by the end of next week.


If there are any delivery problems, please let me know! I will make sure they are sorted. And if you haven’t yet joined us we’re planning on reopening subscriptions next month… in the meantime, the last few boxes are still available from the online shop…






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IvoryMercury Retrograde in Libra, 2021

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