New Moon in Leo, August 19th, 2020 – the Grand Fire Trine


Some good astrological news, at last! The new moon in Leo tomorrow morning is part of a ‘grand fire trine’ between Mercury (communication), Mars (energy) and the South Node (our past).


A grand trine is when a triangle is formed in the sky between three planets (or sets of planets) at trine angles of 120°. When a trine is formed between two planets the energy is harmonious and flowing. Complete the triangle with three points and the energy is exquisite.


Babies born under these influences often have innate talents and abilities.



This positive flow of energy is directed by the signs the planets are in. Of course, in fire signs (as is the case at this new moon) we see higher levels of enthusiasm, passion and creativity. In water signs the energy is more emotional. With earth signs the energy is stabilising, and with air signs the energy is cerebral.


Driving this particular grand fire trine is the new moon in sunny Leo who is passionate, playful, highly energised and romantic. The addition of Mars in Aries and Mercury conjunct the moon and sun in Leo is creative, intelligent and driven.


Combine this with the south node in Sagittarius and we have a nostalgic influence which gives rise to old memories, childhood, perhaps even past lives. This makes it the ideal time to work with the inner child archetype.


As you tap into your creative side and nurture this playful, Leo, 5th house energy you might find insights, fresh solutions and developments to the current chaos and restrictions we find ourselves in (hello Mars square Saturn exact on Monday).


Focus on nurturing yourself, showering yourself in playful positivity and creating something soul enriching. Follow your heart. Find joy in the moment.


GOLD Ivory Gloss grounding ritual

GOLD Ivory Gloss grounding ritual with hematite



The only thing to watch out for at this new moon, as we complete the first phase of the Great Mars Square of 2020, would be to keep your cool and try not to get swept away in misdirected enthusiasm. Try not to lose yourself in the moment or push for something too hard. If you feel yourself swept away, enjoy it(!) but try not to fan any flames.


Mars in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn is like driving a Ferrari at full speed with the breaks on. There is every possibility under the current sky for a massive case of burnout, of moving too fast and getting nowhere in the process. Find ways to cool this energy and remain grounded and calm.


Mars is also conjunct Eris who was originally classified as the 10th planet in our solar system but later denoted alongside Pluto to a dwarf. She is the archetype of crisis and awakening – particularly feminine awakening because hell has no fury like a woman scorned and scorned she has been over the last 2000 years.


Interesting to know that Eris was discovered at the same time the internet was invented by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990, leading to speculation amongst the astral community that the internet could be an instrument through which old patriarchal norms might be crushed and more empathetic, feminine values brought forth.


Anyway, despite this ongoing friction (we won’t be done until January 2021, sorry!) this week really is a chance to tap into a passionate, playful energy, a time to have fun and create something of value.


Of course, the plus side of Eris and Mars in combination, particularly at this beautifully aligned new moon, is to find solutions which are founded on feminine energy. Just go gently.


Manifesting with the energy of Leo


A great way to work with this grand fire trine and Leo new moon energy is to tap into your inner child and work on manifesting your dreams or creating something beautiful.


In last month’s BLUE Ivory Gloss box the crystal for this new moon was labradorite which can help you tap into your intuition and access creative thinking whilst calming excess energy. It’s also a very playful stone not least because it changes colour when you move it.


A day or two after the new moon (remember not to work at the time the new moon is exact because technically we are still in the dark phase) sit in a meditative position with your labradorite crystal in your hand. Begin to visualise your inner child. Sit with her for a moment and ask how she feels.


When you are ready, write down your new moon intentions with your inner child in mind making sure to keep her included and happy in this process. Now, create a beautiful piece of art related to what you would like to manifest.





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IvoryNew Moon in Leo, August 19th, 2020 – the Grand Fire Trine

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