Meditation for the New Moon in Leo, August 8th, 2021


This year’s new moon in Leo takes place on the 8th of August, the same day the star Sirius aligns with the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx to activate what the Ancient Egyptians called The Lion’s Gate Portal, an opening to the knowledge of the Golden Age of Consciousness.


You can practise this meditation at any time but as with all new moons it’s best to wait a day or two until you first see the crescent moon in the sky to set your new moon intentions.



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Before you begin, cleanse your space and the citrine crystal necklace with the white sage from last month’s box (now SOLD OUT). Make sure your meditation space is well ventilated and you’re comfortable.


Write down your biggest goal and spend some time journaling over what fears may be holding you back from reaching it. Do any uncomfortable emotions arise when you visualise your goal? How would you feel if your goal came true?


Be brave in following your dreams


Sit in a meditative position with the citrine necklace around your neck or in your right hand. Close your eyes and allow the breath to deepen as you relax your shoulders and elongate your spine.


As you continue to meditate and focus on the breath, begin to visualise your goal. Pay close attention to any emotions that come up.


As you breathe in, imagine yourself filling up with courage. As you breathe out, release the fear.


You can visualise this feeling of courage as a bright, yellow light and any uncomfortable emotions as grey or black smoke or liquid that burns or melts away.


Continue meditating on the feeling of courage and bright yellow light as your fears dissolve. When you are ready, write down your new moon intentions.


August 2021 Ivory Gloss box with citrine crystal necklace, white sage smudge stick and labradorite crystal



There is a HUGE amount of energy available to you now. You can manifest to your heart’s desire. Just keep in mind the need to release those deep-rooted fears and any resistance which may be preventing you from moving forward.


Saturn square Uranus


I’m not going to sugar coat it, this powerful new moon sees us at the crux of a big old stand off between Saturn and Uranus. In fact, we are now in the middle of a T-square between the sun and Mercury (currently combust in Leo) and Saturn square Uranus.


There are rules that need to be broken and new ways to forge ahead. There are also rules that need to be implemented and freedoms that need to be questioned.


One of the key areas that will be affected as Saturn moves through Aquarius and Uranus through Taurus is the internet and how it should be managed. Another important area of focus will be how we treat the earth.


The new moon will tie into this frictional energy pretty strongly so it’s important to think about how best to navigate the skies and turn it into an advantage.





With Uranian influences developments can often come as a bit of a shock, but with such magic in the air be sure that whatever is being released from your life right now is for the greater good.


Uranus is actually slowing down ready to retrograde which means we may have flashes or blasts from the past. Try to put the past behind you and release any outdated beliefs that no longer serve you.


Manifest, manifest, manifest!


As always, the trick is to vibe higher. Find the strength to release whatever no longer works and move towards your goals with courage and bravery. Try to find a way to release the fears that are holding you back.


A great way to try this is through EFT or tapping. For a step-by-step guide, click HERE.


Try not to get caught up in those lower of earthly pursuits, even though you can be sure they will be trying to drag you down. Allow this energy to guide you towards what you are really meant to be doing on this planet.


Citrine crystal


Citrine crystal encourages willpower, motivation and empowerment. Meditating with this crystal can help dissolve any negative mindsets that may be holding you back from achieving your goals. Citrine crystal can help bring abundance into your life.





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IvoryMeditation for the New Moon in Leo, August 8th, 2021

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