New Moon in Libra, October 16th, 2020


The new moon in Libra on Friday the 16th of October is aligned in a T-square with Mars (in Aries), Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn (in Capricorn). Power struggles, furious challenges to rules and regulations, issues with the government and other Capricorn-ruled affairs are all on the cards.


The key to sailing through this month with minor injuries is to try to remain harmonious in your relationships and interactions with others. It’s important not to get stuck in lower vibrations so you can use this intense energy to do something good.


Forgive yourself and others. Focus on gratitude and other vibration-raising practises. Be sure to fight the good fight only!



New moon in Libra, October 16th, 2020


Each new moon marks a beginning in some area of your life and although this one might not be the easiest, there is some seriously strong energy at your disposal.


Despite the chaos unfolding, the sun and moon are aligned with some super-positive fixed stars.


Spica is said to bring success and good fortune.

Arcturus self-determination and justice through power.


Since this new moon is in lovely Libra it is of course ruled by Venus. Libra is all about balance and relationships.


With everything that’s going on at the moment pink tourmaline crystal and a soothing pink light meditation can help put you into a sweeter frame of mind.



Pink tourmaline crystal


Pink tourmaline is a great crystal for Libra as it works with the heart chakra. Uplifting and joyful, it can help calm emotions in times of stress.



Palo santo and pink tourmaline were included in last month’s BLUE Ivory Gloss box. As the new moon happens on Friday night, the best time to work with this energy would be Sunday or early next week



Pink light meditation


Light the palo santo and circle the smoke around your body until it stops burning. Holding your pink tourmaline crystal, visualise a bright pink light radiating out from your heart, dissolving any negative emotions away. visualise yourself as a being of love and imagine this energy expanding to others.


As you write your new moon intentions, imagine this comforting, soothing, protective, pink energy surrounding you.



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Mercury retrograde opposite Uranus


Also this week, just to add to the fun, Mercury started his retrograde phase in Scorpio and is currently hovering in opposition to Uranus.


Scorpio is all about the depths of our psyches, our secrets, what lies beneath. Oppositions between Mercury and Uranus bring shocking news, surprising events, and with Scorpio involved there should be some interesting revelations and twists and turns over the next few days.


Like Mars, Uranus is orbiting very close to the earth so his energy is felt more intensely. Uranus is also about rebellion.





This new moon being in Libra is all about equality, fairness and justice. Mars aligned with Eris is about feeling like you’re not being heard, that you’re being disregarded and not benefiting from society. With Uranus here there’s a push for individual rights and freedom.


This energy is jarring and forces us to make changes. Just be sure to treat everyone with love and respect no matter what battle you find yourself fighting. The first step to loving others is to love yourself first, which is why now as always is a good time to focus on self-love.


And don’t forget to foster universal love with the ongoing Jupiter Neptune in full force this week.



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