New Moon in Pisces, 2nd March, 2022


The stars this week point to hope ⭐ I know it might not feel like it! The intensity of the situation is severe. But there is so much going on in the skies this week that suggests a positive outcome. I’ll try to show you what it means…


Today’s new moon is aligned in an uplifting and super positive sextile with Uranus. She also shines her light on the magnificent Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces which peaks next month. In a nutshell, we are entering a new world through a mass spiritual upgrade.


Mercury is conjunct Saturn in Aquarius today. This suggests important (Saturn) discussions (Mercury) to do with humanitarian issues (Aquarius). With the Saturn-Uranus square still within orb, that struggle between freedom (Uranus) and control (Saturn) still plays on, but it has peaked, and as Uranus aligns so beautifully with the new moon, a positive outcome is likely.


On Thursday, Pluto, Venus & Mars align perfectly in the late degrees of Capricorn. This is a super rare and extremely potent combination with an emphasis on power, money and energy. There are many layers within astrology archetypes but in this case it looks like a shift will occur through fight (Mars) and money (Venus) and deep destruction and transformation through control (Pluto) all playing out through the government and the structures which hold the world together (Capricorn).


On the 6th, Venus and Mars move into Aquarius at the exact same time, a magical shift in energy towards the so-called New World. This is rare! Even the fact Venus and Mars are dancing together right now is symbolic, it suggests both heart and drive are united. The fact they are both moving together AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME into Aquarius suggests we will be united in this move towards humanitarianism and looking after the collective.


This week could see the real shift towards a better world. Look back to the start of 2020 (wow how the world was different) when Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn triggered a HUGE shift in the structures that hold our world together. It looks like covid was just the beginning, a sort of cosmic excuse for all the shit in the world to come out for all to see.


Have faith! The Age of Aquarius is upon us and this means we start to see humanity as just that, human beings on one planet. Have you noticed how unified everyone is in their horror at what is happening in Ukraine? What if conflict playing out on the world stage is the only way to actually create this shift?



Meditation for the new moon in Pisces, 2nd March, 2022


The meditation for the new moon in Pisces to go with the super seven quartz flat stone in March Ivory Gloss is all about tapping into the violet flame and accessing higher realms. I would  recommend practising this on Sunday if you want to pick a good date astrologically.


I know I say it often but I like to wait a few days after a new moon before working on my intentions as when the sun and moon are conjunct the moon is technically still dark. Once I see that crescent moon in the sky I go full blast manifesting, haha. On Sunday Venus and Mars move into Aquarius. This is just such a futuristic, high-vibe energy it should be super easy to align with your higher self.



Super seven quartz flat stone from March 2022 Ivory Gloss


The super seven flat stone from March Ivory Gloss is perfect for placing over your third eye. If you are a little oily (like me!) it might actually stick there while sitting up, haha. But you can lie down in savasana, hold the crystal to your third eye using your right hand, OR place it in front of you, if you prefer…






Violet flame meditation


Begin by meditating on a bright, white light, beaming down from the heavens into your crown chakra. On the out-breath allow the light to move down to your root chakra. On the in-breath, visualise the white light rising into the third eye where it lights a violet flame.


Allow this violet flame to grow in energy, sending a bright, white light out through humanity, uplifting the consciousness of all human beings on this planet. Imagine a sort of network of light connecting us all. Now, focus on love.


Continue to meditate as the violet flame burns brightly and be open to receiving any insights from your higher self. When you have finished, try journaling.



The March box is OUT NOW! Only a few boxes left…







IvoryNew Moon in Pisces, 2nd March, 2022

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