New Moon in Scorpio, 4th November, 2021


As we move into the dark moon phase before the earth-shaking new moon in Scorpio, the stars offer up another powerful opportunity to release what is no longer needed.


The new moon is exactly opposite Uranus triggering his ongoing square with Saturn. This alignment promises to blast fresh energy through the realms of Taurus (income, security, wealth, economics) whilst bringing much needed structure (Saturn) to the Aquarian areas that need it most – otherwise known as, the internet!


The next two weeks are sure to bring some shocking developments to do with restrictions, rebellion, freedom, the economy, climate change, social media and how we view humanity. The fun part is there’s no way to predict what they will be. Uranus is the planet of surprise, of course…



Positive side note ❤️


Just to bring some hope if you’re sick of all these tense squares, next year’s grand planetary alignment is Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Some people think of this combo as a symbol of ultimate enlightenment, hopefully this is going to be a hugely significant moment, an uplift in humanity, a whole new spiritual outlook.


The year AFTER, 2023, is looking even better, so hold onto your hats because the new moon in Scorpio on the 4th of November has the potential to present us with a whole new dilemma. 


The key this week is to find ways to create balance between a need for freedom and the structures that keep you safe. That said, aim to make at least one important change this month and be brave when setting your intentions.



Black tourmaline and tourmalated quartz for the Scorpio new moon


Scorpios have an ability to see beneath the surface. They’re hugely intuitive. They also revel in the deeper side of life such as sex, death, rebirth and transformation. These areas will always renew a Scorpio, no matter how intense.


Black Tourmaline crystal, like Scorpio, is associated with the shadow side bringing light to darkness in order to release it. If you’re in a situation you find difficult, a toxic work environment for example, this little black rock is recommended to help keep the bad vibes at bay.


Another thing black tourmaline is often used for is to protect against electromagnetic frequencies. Ok, so I’m not really into thinking about EMF because if I was I would be in a tinfoil hat hiding in the corner and that would be the final nail in the coffin of my social life, but if you’re on your phone all the time or glued to a screen, keep a piece of black tourmaline on you as it contains a high concentration of iron which literally pulls the electromagnetic frequencies into it.



Black tourmaline is in the home blessing box in the online shop, along with sweetgrass, white sage, Evolve Beauty body butter, a turquoise crystal bracelet and an abalone shell.







Tourmalated Quartz


Whenever you pair a crystal with clear quartz the effects are even more amplified. Tourmalated quartz is a bit more motivating than black tourmaline and helps eliminate blockages whilst balancing yin and yang energies, helping to increase your personal power by encouraging you to make positive changes.




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Meditation for the new moon in Scorpio


Here’s a meditation for the new moon in Scorpio. Sit with your tourmalated quartz crystal for a moment and set an intention to release whatever it is you no longer need.


Write a list of the things you would most like to change in your life. What’s holding you back? How are you struggling to make positive changes? Are there any negative, repeating patterns you’re aware of?


When you are ready, visualise a bright, white light streaming down from above or through the tourmalated quartz crystal blasting through anything you no longer need 🌟



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