New Moon in Virgo, September 17th, 2020


The new moon in Virgo on Thursday afternoon gives us a rare chance to create positive change amidst the earth-shaking transformation taking place in our world this year courtesy of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn.


The sun and moon are conjunct at the time of a new moon and this month they are beautifully aligned in a trine with Saturn (and therefore the full Capricorn stellium including Pluto and Jupiter) meaning there is some amazing energy here to work on manifesting your dreams and putting together a workable plan for the future.


There is also an interesting astral phenomenon taking place at this new moon known as a ‘moon wobble’ which is when the placement of the moon is square its nodes. This can lead to things feeling a little off balance and emotional, but it can also open us up to new perceptions we may not have understood before. 


There’s a certain sense of calm before the storm. Both Mercury and retrograde Mars will be forming a T-square with those Capricorn heavyweights next week which brings a friction to our communications and a fresh surge of energy. Fierce words could be spoken, protests made, a rebellion against what is going on in our world which should hopefully begin to steer us in the right direction.  


However, this week, with the Virgo new moon in such a positive alignment to Pluto, Jupiter, and especially Saturn, it’s a great time for creating plans and working on the foundations of your dreams. 


With Mars retrograde it is still a good time to stay in this ‘planning energy’ rather than forging ahead. There is also a chance to return to past actions or needs in order to push things forwards.


The time for pushing will come mid-November when Mercury has completed his next cycle of retrograde and Mars is moving forwards once again. We then have a little window of opportunity before Mars squares Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter for the third and final time in this sequence over December and January next year.





The crystal for the new moon in Virgo in this month’s Ivory Gloss box was amazonite, which is also known as the stone of hope or the ‘gamblers stone’, because it brings luck and chance to new ventures and helps with complicated decision making.


The next BLUE Ivory Gloss box is out next week and includes a guide to October astrology, tips and meditations for the upcoming moon cycle and celestial self-care to accompany it. Each box also contains this gorgeous red jasper and ginger reiki candle for the upcoming full moon in Aries. A chance to tap into the hero energy of Mars. We are very nearly sold out so sign up now to secure your box.




IvoryNew Moon in Virgo, September 17th, 2020

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