New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer, June 21st, 2020


The new moon solar eclipse in Cancer tomorrow morning also happens to be aligned with tonight’s summer solstice which makes it one of the most important eclipses of our time.


When a new or full moon is conjunct the nodal axis (the two points where the orbit of the moon intersects the elliptic) an eclipse takes place.


For an eclipse to happen at the same time as the solstice is rare, but due to the cyclical nature of eclipses (it takes 19 years to complete one cycle) we are lucky enough to be living through a cluster of them. 


The last times we experienced a summer solstice eclipse were in 1982 and 2001 and we’ll have two more in 2039 and 2058, but after then we won’t have another cycle of eclipses that align with the solstice for 184 years. 


Despite this being one of the more spectacular moments of astrology, because of everything else that’s been going on in the world (and the skies) this year, it feels a little insignificant!


But it really is something special. The moon is so far away from the earth she will create a ‘ring of fire’ as she blocks out the sun.


If you can imagine our ancestors seeing this in the sky on the summer solstice, the time they would gather to worship the sun in all its spiritual glory, you can start to understand its symbolism.


And while this year’s ‘ring of fire’ eclipse will be mainly visible in Asia, Africa, India, and the Middle East, it will of course have an astrological impact on us all.




The north and south nodes of the moon (where eclipses happen) were traditionally compared to a dragon, with the north node the dragon’s head – our destiny and where we must direct our energy for our soul to progress, and the south node the dragon’s tail – sweeping up the issues from our past lives, helping us to process and work through our karma.



This is why eclipses are renowned for pushing us out of our comfort zones and back along the path of fate, our soul paths, to focus on the areas where we must grow and are therefore probably avoiding because let’s be honest here, nobody likes growing pains!


But despite the possibility of a little upheaval, after the eclipses you will come closer to who you are, how you got here (your south node), and where you’re going next (the north node). 


Therefore all eclipses can help us to see what we need in order to be truly happy and what steps we must take to get there. 


Eclipses enlighten us with a floodlight of truth, so that we can see all that we had been too blind to see. The coming two months will have lots more news, so we are only at the beginning.”  Susan Miller, Astrologyzone.


An eclipse in Cancer has ties to our homeland, our families, the past, so it could be a time to discard traditions that no longer work, and adapt those that do so they work better in the future.


It’s a wonderful time to spend with your loved ones or whoever feels like home to you. But it’s also worth asking yourself how you can create a better world outside of your family? How can you be more sensitive to those around you?


Of course, if an eclipse aligns with your personal planets then it will affect you directly and with a personalised mix of energies. The houses in your birth chart will show you the way. Sorry to those I missed at the last birth chart readings session! We were overwhelmed with orders this month but I will be doing some more again very soon.


Lucky lucky


The chart for this eclipse is actually super encouraging. First of all it’s a new moon eclipse so the energies are at ease rather than odds with each other which is why new moons are so important for new beginnings rather than release. 


The area of the sky the eclipse is taking place in is also home to some fixed stars which give enthusiasm and initiative but also a tendency toward pleasure-seeking, impulsiveness, and recklessness – with Saturn in a minor aggravating aspect to this eclipse, it’s definitely worth being a little cautious and not overextending yourself, particularly due to the coronavirus pandemic.


The upcoming full moon lunar eclipse in early July which will complete this cycle has fixed stars that bring good fortune and happiness. They have an optimistic, philosophical, and intellectual influence bringing friendship and success.


This summer solstice solar eclipse we are offered an amazing surge of luck via Mars from Jupiter and Pluto. it’s up to us whether we tap into this energy or not but you should find it’s easier to create change and free yourself from things that have been burdening you. 


Pluto and Jupiter who have been dancing in Capricorn all year often come together in the charts of millionaires and can bring great wealth and power along with the ability to create positive transformation, with the sextile from Mars we can tap into this energy and use it for our advantage. 


This works on a collective level as well as individually. Work together to create positive change but remain flexible, this year doubly so with all the retrograde energy.


Hold your horses


There are two reasons why it’s best not to act fast or focus too much attention on manifesting anything during this eclipse – well, three actually. The first is because Mercury has just turned retrograde. This makes it a time to review rather than launch yourself into something new.


The second is because the sun and moon are quincunx Saturn. This is a minor aspect but it’s almost exact so it does have a significant influence on the overall mood. It suggests restrictions, lessons and challenges, and with Saturn in Aquarius this could be to do with freedom, innovation and rebellion. 


The final reason now is not the time to act is because eclipses can hide crucial information. It’s best to wait until the following new moon and to focus on what you can release over the next lunar cycle, in this case before the second new moon in Cancer on the 20th of July.


The full moon eclipse in Capricorn on the 5th of July will be the last in the sequence and will help you decide what you need to do. It’s a HUGE time for endings and release as it’s the very last in the Cancer – Capricorn eclipse series, so in the next two to three weeks it’s the ideal time to figure out what needs releasing.


Also prepare for unexpected events and aim to go with the flow, if at all possible. Unlike lunar eclipses, solar eclipses often herald external events and circumstances, for example a conversation that inspires you to overcome limiting fears or a break-up you really weren’t expecting. 


You are exactly where you need to be


Eclipses can be intense simply because changes can appear out of leftfield. In fact, the ancients were terrified of eclipses, they often foretold the deaths of kings or some sort of widespread famine, probably because life was a little more perilous back then. 


But the thing to remember is that all eclipses are beneficial in the long run. They are like chimes along the thread of the fates, ringing us back onto the correct path – it just might feel pretty miserable if you were really stuck and keen not to budge. 


Make sure with any events that happen you repeat to yourself ‘I am right where I need to be’ and if you don’t see anything happening on the date, allow plenty of time for things to develop.


Sometimes it can take a year for the energy to play out, it just means your mindset has shifted and the path is opening. Around the time of an eclipse (a week before or a week after) even a minor event can create a sort of domino effect, where we find ourselves in a situation we cannot turn back from. 


That’s why it’s important to be vigilant during eclipse season, and only follow the whims that will lead you somewhere constructive and positive. 


Cleansing ritual 


As with all new moons, aim to wait for the first sign of a crescent moon before you work on manifestation, or even better, scrap the idea of manifesting altogether this month and work on decluttering and clearing instead. 


Some astrologers believe that eclipses aren’t the best time to manifest because they can hide information before it comes to light. It may be better to wait until the following new moon in Cancer on the 20th of July to make a super-powered manifestation instead.


The next two weeks until the lunar eclipse in Capricorn early July are a time of immense change and it might be a little confusing… especially so with Mercury retrograde and Venus about to move direct again on the 25th of June.


However, if you are intent on working those new moon wishes, try to include some sort of focus on turning inwards, and on cleansing.


Using the selenite moon from this month’s Ivory Gloss box, focus on what is holding you back and the reasons you may feel you’re not worthy of what it is you’d like to manifest. 


Hold the selenite crystal a few inches away from your body at the top of your head and move it down your body, visualising the crystal sucking up all the negative blocks that prevent you from receiving what you need.


Remember the focus this month is on releasing any blocks or negative emotions that are holding you back from what you want to manifest.


Keep working through these blocks and your self belief until the next new moon in Cancer when you should be clearer on your path ahead.





IvoryNew Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer, June 21st, 2020

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