New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini, June 10th, 2021


The new moon solar eclipse in Gemini on Thursday is perfectly aligned with Mercury Retrograde. Neptune, planet of mystery, illusion and glamour will be in a challenging square alignment. Quite simply, things may not be as they seem.


The positive side of this is we have a chance to contemplate our inner selves and work with a seriously spiritual energy.





The new moon solar eclipse is also in a loose trine aspect to Saturn so there’s a stabilising influence available. The key is to remain calmly grounded with an eye for creativity and contemplation.



Retrograde energy: Turning inwards 


Whenever a planet is retrograde it appears to move backwards across the sky. Symbolically the energy is turned inwards so this is a time to keep things loose and focus on your inner world.


It’s also a great time to work with the throat chakra.


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Throat chakra meditation


Wearing the howlite bracelet from the June Ivory Gloss astrology box, sit in a meditative position and visualise a bright, blue light at the back of your throat.


Imagine the light spinning at the size of a fairy light. Breathe deeply and visualise the blue light as energy expanding into the space around you, bringing your gifts to the outside world.


When you have finished, try creating a moodboard or visionary plan. Make sure your plans are creative and fluid and aim to tap into your more dreamy, spiritual side.


Some people don’t write their intentions at a solar eclipse, but it’s totally up to you. If you do decide to, focus your attention on your inner voice, revising your communicative energies and rehearsing what will come over the next couple of weeks.


Despite the fact that here in London we’re having a heatwave and the pubs are beckoning, try not to indulge too much this week. Tense Neptune alignments can lead to a serious hangover. Another thing that Neptune rules is pandemics so it could be that we’re thrown a curve ball with regards to Covid.



The Gemini-Sagittarius eclipse cycle, 2021


The current Gemini-Sagittarius eclipse cycle is to do with knowledge, communication, thinking, short-distance travel, ideas and how we present them.


Although both sides of the Gemini-Sagittarius axis are needed to attain wisdom, this year the north node in Gemini is asking us to open our minds to a more logical and fact-based approach. For more about what this means, click HERE.


Despite the fact that the north node is in Gemini try not to focus too much on the the figures. With Mercury retrograde and mysterious Neptune involved at this eclipse, those facts could be hard to find.


If you look back to the full moon lunar eclipse in Gemini last November you may get some insights into how far you’ve come in terms of how you share information.





Saturn square Uranus


Another thing to mention this week is the second clash of the year between Uranus and Saturn on the 14th of June. Questions over freedom and restrictions are being brought (somewhat aggressively) into the spotlight.


Notice all the current restrictions and rules getting a bit out of control? No? Well even if they’re not, it wouldn’t surprise me if we see mass furore at the feeling our freedom is at risk.


This ongoing Saturn-Uranus square asks you to rid yourself of negative restrictions and anything holding you back, but it also asks you to find a balance between the structures in your life that work, and your individuality and/or freedom.


Next month we have more personal planets uniting in this battle but for now it is more likely to play out on the world stage. 


In London it’s only a week or so before the supposed Freedom Day when all Covid restrictions will lift. The planets say NO to this one. More likely a serious amount of stress involved about the subject of said restrictions. 


With this alignment we’re going through an important time to do with how we structure out world and the questions of freedom as a collective.


As we move into the Age of Aquarius humanitarianism will be a key focus. Now could be the time we start to figure out and break through what no longer works.


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IvoryNew Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini, June 10th, 2021

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