New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, 4th December, 2021

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At last! ⭐ We have a grand new moon ripe for manifesting. This time she’s a supercharged solar eclipse in Sagittarius aligned in a perfect conjunction with what is known as the Great Attractor. I can’t be dealing with the science (obviously) of what this pulsing part of the Universe is, but energetically it ties in marvellously with the law of attraction.


I thought I’d post this meditation a bit early since we’re now approaching the dark moon phase and it’s a great time to cleanse your heart of any negativity before you begin to manifest. It’s best to make your new moon intentions a few days after a new moon, but you can practise the meditation at any time.



December 2021 Ivory Gloss astrology subscription box



Meditation for the new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius


Holding the green aventurine pin from the December Ivory Gloss box set an intention to clear your heart of anything holding you back from fully tapping into the energy of the Great Attractor.


Sit in a meditative position and focus on the breath. Scan the body for any areas of tension and breathe into them. Relax your body and allow the tension to melt away.


When you are ready, visualise bright, white water pouring down through the crown chakra and into the heart chakra where it turns to green. Allow this healing, sparkling water to swirl around the heart centre, dissolving anything you no longer need.


Now visualise the swirling green water flooding your entire body. As it runs through your body it removes all the negativity, the tension and the emotional blocks that may be holding you back. Once the water has cleansed your body, visualise it flowing down into the earth beneath you, flushing the negativity away.


Continue to focus on the breath and put your attention onto the green aventurine pin in your hand. Visualise the pin glowing gold and becoming a sort of magnet, drawing your hearts desires towards you. Give thanks to the green aventurine crystal for bringing you luck.


Picture yourself as having received your hearts desire. What does it feel like? Allow your five senses to feel it coming true. Give thanks as though it has already happened. Try to maintain this feeling of gratitude along with as many sensations and emotions as you can relate to it.




This aventurine & gold crystal pin is part of the December box and designed to be worn around your bra strap. I love the idea of it being close to your heart centre but if you recently burned your bra (hoorah!) you can clip it over a bag strap or laces.



Green aventurine crystal healing energy


Green aventurine is the classic crystal worn for luck. It’s a great rock to clear and nourish the heart chakra so you are ready to attract. Green aventurine crystal bodes well for your finances, for lovers and for anything you could use a little extra help with. It’s perfect to wear during Venus Retrograde (which begins mid December) and if you need a little luck in an endeavour such as an interview or important event.



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Astrology behind the new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius


There’s a spectacular alignment happening at the same time as the December 2021 new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius. Venus in Capricorn will be conjunct Pluto and aligned in a mini trine with Mars and Neptune. The combination of these four planets is super positive.


Mars and Neptune aligning in flowing sextile to Venus-Pluto offers a boost of energy to your creativity, your spirituality, your allure. This mini trine is highly romantic and idealised, and of course, with the new moon eclipse conjunct the Great Attractor you are being offered a huge chance to work the law of attraction.


The conjunction of Pluto and Venus will be active throughout the month with Venus bouncing back and forth through Capricorn during her retrograde. Venus sweetens Pluto’s power and adds positive intention to any transformation. Pluto brings power and intensity to Venusian pursuits otherwise known as your love life, your finances and whatever makes your heart sing.


Just one thing to note is that the new moon solar eclipse will be square Neptune. Neptune is not only linked to creativity and spirituality but also to drugs, infection and of course, the pandemic. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the pandemic start to spiral out of control once again after this new moon.


This is also the last eclipse in the Gemini-Sagittarius series so there’s a feeling of closure before a grand new beginning. If something falls away during eclipse season it was never meant for you. Be graceful when accepting changes.


As always, but especially now, try not to sink into a low vibration! Next year when Jupiter meets Neptune in Pisces we will be offered a chance for a much brighter future. Just hold tight while Venus is retrograde and put the focus onto nurturing the heart chakra through self-care and releasing anything that may be blocking your progress.





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IvoryNew Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, 4th December, 2021

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