Saturn square Uranus 2021-22

  This year the ongoing Saturn square Uranus transit is going to rock your world. I know you’ve probably spent quite enough time sat on your anus thanks to the pandemic 😛  but this transit explains EVERYTHING.   Saturn square Uranus is all about freedom versus restrictions. These two planets combined describe the movement of time, the zeitgeist, the world view, the …

IvorySaturn square Uranus 2021-22

5 Steps to Free Your Mind

  Sometimes meditation isn’t enough to cut through the root of your worries. In the Tapussa Sutta the Buddha explains a way you can move through a problem until you feel free from its control. Most people aren’t really familiar with this writing in Buddhism but hopefully, by reading this simplified step-by-step guide, you can start to feel free from …

Ivory5 Steps to Free Your Mind

Mars Squares Pluto, Saturn & Jupiter 2020

  This week Mars completes his ninth and final square to Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. If you’re feeling like you can’t take any more then that sounds about right!   Uranus is now freshly aligned with Mars in Taurus so we may finally find ourselves crumbling under the restrictions (Saturn) that curb our freedom (Uranus).   Symbolically it’s as though …

IvoryMars Squares Pluto, Saturn & Jupiter 2020

Pluto and Neptune

Ivory Gloss smudge kit

  I’m super excited about the ongoing Pluto-Neptune sextile this year. Every time it gets triggered (like it is by Venus this week) a little shiver goes up my spine at the thought that we might actually be able to sort out this big old mess we seem to have found ourselves in.   Sextiles, despite having a cute name …

IvoryPluto and Neptune

The Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius

great conjunction saturn jupiter astrology

  Get ready because a rare ‘Christmas Star’ will appear in the sky at the winter solstice on Monday the 21st of December. We had a blue moon on Halloween and now we get the Nativity ⭐  This ‘Christmas Kiss’ is actually a rare conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter who meet every 20 years but are rarely visible due to the sun’s …

IvoryThe Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, December 14th, 2020

  The Sagittarius solar eclipse is happening right next to the Galactic Centre which represents gut feeling, intuition and the higher self.      When planets transit this point in the last five degrees of Sagittarius it’s believed we go through a sort of accelerated spiritual upgrade, and if the Galactic Centre is activated by an eclipse such as this …

IvoryNew Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, December 14th, 2020