Uplift: meditative sculpture

Uplift Connect Tom Lawton

Tom Lawton on the creative process behind Uplift, a meditative, moving sculpture inspired by spirals. Why Uplift? I wanted to create something beautiful that encouraged a meditative state of mind. Something transfixing that stops me from thinking altogether… in the same way I experience tranquillity when I’m in nature. Watching ripples, leaves or birds. Natural patterns. But not just beautiful …

IvoryUplift: meditative sculpture

Why it’s time we talk about men’s mental health

Male depression is a big topic in the world of mental health. It’s complicated and delicate, not only because of the usual factors like stigma or the way men historically have been taught to repress their feelings, but because it can present in ways that are hard to spot. Men may not be any less emotional than women, but as …

IvoryWhy it’s time we talk about men’s mental health

Laughter Meditation

Laughter is the best medicine, or so we’re told. Especially when times are not particularly funny, like, well, now for example. (Ahem – was not going to mention the B word but things are really stressing me out in the UK right now!) Indy Rishi Singh, founder of iLiving, is one of the founding gurus of Laughter Meditation and believes it …

IvoryLaughter Meditation

How to find your spiritual self

  Sometimes in our fast-paced world we can feel a little disconnected, but there are many ways we can feel more at one with source. Here are some suggestions…   1. Give your soul a voice   Write a letter beginning with the words, ‘If my soul could speak, it would say…’ Do not edit, judge or censor yourself and …

IvoryHow to find your spiritual self

Self care at work

Self-care at work is all about working smarter. I spoke to Nadia Narain, yoga teacher and co-author of Self-Care in the Real world and Sarah Bladen, author of Practical Zen for Health, Wealth and Mindfulness about how to look after yourself in the workplace. Self-care is no longer seen as indulgent or selfish but actually pretty crucial in the digital world …

IvorySelf care at work

Are you ruled by the ego?

ruled by the ego

One of the main signs you’re being led by your ego is the need to always be right.  In most cases this is involuntary, and it’s especially hard to notice if you’re not aware of how the ego operates. The ego is something we create.  It’s a combination of all the beliefs we have about who we are.  These are constructed beliefs …

IvoryAre you ruled by the ego?