Meditation: How to find your zen

Meditation is a necessity in this crazy world we live in and although it would be great to just ease yourself into a regular meditation practice if you suffer from anxiety or overthinking (Christ who doesn’t) then you may like to try one of the many tools available to get you in the mood. And remember, you only need five …

IvoryMeditation: How to find your zen

EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT emotional freedom technique Ivory Gloss

  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is kind of like a form of emotional acupuncture and a great way to shift negative emotions in order to create a more positive outlook.       EFT is also known as ‘tapping’ because you literally tap along certain points of your face and body to shift the energy.   How to practise EFT …

IvoryEFT: Emotional Freedom Technique

Full Moon in Libra, April 8th 2020

  The second supermoon of the year will peak in Libra tomorrow morning at 3.35am. It’s a time to focus on how we relate to others and gives us a chance to release any tensions in this area. As with all Full Moons, but particularly this one, emotions will come to a head.   In last month’s BLUE Ivory Gloss …

IvoryFull Moon in Libra, April 8th 2020

12 tips to ease anxiety

  Anxiety. So easy to fix… just meditate. Yeah right! When your stress levels are out of control the last thing you want to do is sit cross-legged and breathe, WAY more fun to tense up your entire body whilst imagining every single way things could possibly go wrong. Oh to be human in 2019 🙄   But the best …

Ivory12 tips to ease anxiety

Self care for your inner critic

self care and mental health

Your self-beliefs are either the secret sauce or a recipe for disaster. If yours are a little negative try these three steps to strengthen your sense of self and silence that inner critic. 1. Raise Awareness The first thing to become aware of, is what your limiting beliefs ARE – remember, our beliefs tend to run the show subconsciously – …

IvorySelf care for your inner critic

Yoga nidra and savasana

Savasana is the relaxation at the end of a yoga practice. It is the ultimate yoga pose. But not everyone has heard of yoga nidra, a psychedelic meditation which taps deep into the unconscious to draw up the goods from below. Yoga nidra is a very simple practice and is essentially a guided hypnosis filled with visualisations.  It’s said to …

IvoryYoga nidra and savasana