Pluto and Neptune

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I’m super excited about the ongoing Pluto-Neptune sextile this year. Every time it gets triggered (like it is by Venus this week) a little shiver goes up my spine at the thought that we might actually be able to sort out this big old mess we seem to have found ourselves in.


Sextiles, despite having a cute name especially when involved with Uranus (lolol) are like mini trine aspects (60⁰) but a bit different in the way they give you a chance to use your talents rather than just let the energy flow.


Sextiles are also about how you relate to others and the wisdom and skills that can help heal a situation. What this means is that the whole world currently has the opportunity to go through a powerful transformation (Pluto) to do with their spiritual side (Neptune) and come up with some pretty exciting solutions.


Have you noticed whispers amongst the spiritual community about some sort of mass awakening happening right now? I feel like people are being forced to confront their mortality and that always makes for some interesting developments.


Yesterday, Venus opposed Neptune. Today she will trine Pluto. This is a time to positively transform your love life, your money, your finances and all things Venusian. Maybe even your appearance if you are very first house inclined, or currently have venus transiting here ♥️


September Ivory Gloss is out next week. I know right, how is it nearly Autumn! This month’s treats include serpentine crystal for the new moon in Virgo and sodalite crystal for the Pisces full moon.


Also an astrology guide with a manifestation meditation, a water meditation and a space to write your new moon intentions. Sign up now to secure your box…








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IvoryPluto and Neptune

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