Saturn square Uranus 2021-22


This year the ongoing Saturn square Uranus transit is going to rock your world. I know you’ve probably spent quite enough time sat on your anus thanks to the pandemic 😛  but this transit explains EVERYTHING.


Saturn square Uranus is all about freedom versus restrictions. These two planets combined describe the movement of time, the zeitgeist, the world view, the changes within the collective unconscious.





Although Saturn square Uranus transits happen about every seven years, the last time they formed this alignment in Taurus and Aquarius was during the Renaissance in 1523. This was a time when the arts flourished and we started to view humanity in a completely different way.



Saturn, the jewel of the solar system


Saturn is known as the jewel of the solar system which is kind of the perfect analogy. Under immense pressure diamonds are formed and this has always been Saturn’s lesson.


He is also rather beautiful, I think you’ll agree. Here is an actual photo taken through a telescope…





Saturn ain’t all bad


Don’t get caught up in the idea that Saturn is inherently bad. Lessons can be challenging, yes, but only because this is how we learn, develop and achieve.


If you want to create something that will go the distance and provide the greatest rewards that push you to your mettle and feel like nothing else on earth, look to Saturn.


Saturn provides the bind in relationships along with the security and foundations on which we thrive. 


Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn who gives you that drive to reach the top. He represents hard work but also the rewards that you keep for life.



The digital revolution


Saturn is in Aquarius to sort out the absolute shit show that is the internet, big tech, social media, the online mob, cancel culture and the rest. 


We haven’t had a visit from Saturn to Aquarius for 27 years so this is something that is well past it’s time. It was way back in 1994 that Saturn last visited Aquarius. This was just around the time the internet was invented.





The lightning speed advancements we’ve seen since then have quite simply never been regulated. Now is the time to create some much needed structures and boundaries.


As we enter the Age of Aquarius we’ll see even more important transformations and changes to do with technology, space travel and anything that makes us feel like one human race.


What will spring forth in this area? AI? Aliens? All of the above? 



Uranus in Taurus


On the other side of the ring of this Saturn square Uranus transit we have Uranus in Taurus. 


Uranus breaks through the old and brings innovation. He forces the structures of Saturn to break down so that new opportunities can spring forth.


As Uranus moves through Venus-ruled Taurus he will cause sweeping changes and surprising developments to do with the more practical of Venusian issues.





Libra is also ruled by Venus and represents her more loving, partnership-based, romantic side. Venus-ruled Taurus is all about the practical side. This includes finance, assets, self-esteem and self-care. The ultimate purpose of economics is to improve wellbeing. This is why Taurus rules both.



Financial revolution


Uranus in Taurus is here to bring revolution to our idea of materialism, to the economy, to business and finance. To our self worth, assets, how we care for ourselves and indulge.


This could be a time when our entire capitalist culture and idea of wealth is transformed. OK, so it won’t be until Uranus leaves Taurus in 2026 that we’ll see just how it is transformed but there should be radical developments to do with currency, the way that money is earned and how we do business.


One thing that seems pretty clear is the traditional working week will no longer be the norm. When you think about it this has needed updating for a while. The 9-5 was designed for men whose wives were at home raising their children. Definitely time for an update!



Feminine energy


Another area that will go through some changes over the next few years is the idea of feminine energy. This goes with the last point about the traditional working week which doesn’t work for the modern family.


We should see further developments in gender with a movement towards equality and less objectification. 


Uranus in a feminine sign has always been an interesting time for advancing women’s rights. This is something we should continue to see develop within the collective unconscious.



The Arts


Watch out for some exciting developments within the arts, particularly decorative arts. The idea of beauty itself will go through many changes. Wellbeing, self-care and other indulgent Venusian pursuits should also flourish.


This is a super exciting time for artists and creators of all kinds. There could even be a movement towards a totally new form of art with a more Uranian influence.





Uranus rules humanitarianism, hopes, dreams and wishes so that we may create a future that works for everyone. 


Taurus is an earth sign and all about nurturing Mother Earth as well as ourselves. Taurus rules abundance and fruit and all the things that make you feel safe and secure and indulged.


Uranus in Taurus is going to be a time to provide new insights and improvements in our treatment of the earth. How can we farm the earth sustainably? How can we provide sustenance and wealth to all?


We should start to see ourselves as earthlings rather than people of different races and religions.



Social distancing


Aquarius as an air sign is not very emotionally charged. In fact, it’s a bit of a cosmic joke that the whole world has been encouraged to avoid each other as this will naturally shift us into a less touchy-feely place.


This transit will well and truly hammer the nail in the coffin of free love and sex. That’s not to say it will cease to exist, just that it won’t be a key part of our culture. After all, this is the zeitgeist we’re mainly talking about with Uranus and Saturn, not so much individuals.


Both Saturn and Uranus are OUTER planets which means they’re farther away from us than the sun and more to do with the energies, drives, structures and world stage, rather than your personal intellects and emotions which are of course ruled by Mercury and Venus.





As well as change, innovation and surprising developments, Uranus is all about freedom and progression. Whether it’s removing restrictions or breaking free from the structures that no longer work.


Despite the fact Saturn in Aquarius will bring some much needed structure there is still a huge move towards freedom and the importance of individuality.


With this being a square aspect there is going to be a little challenge and friction. This pairing has been described as ‘democratic in spirit, autocratic in method’. This is not a time to repress people but to try to find a balance. 


With Saturn transits there is always a reward at the end. If you stay patient and flexible this life-changing transit will help rid you of outdated structures in your life.







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